All Real Postings Have Been Delayed Until the End of The World Series.


The Dude on the Right

First, I have to admit, I did fall asleep and missed the ending of Game 3 of the
World Series last night.  I was tired to begin with, the game was all over
the place, and Aaron
version of "God Bless America" just put me to sleep.  So,
yea, I missed everything from the 7th inning slumber until my body woke up
somewhere around 3AM, the TV still on, and me wondering what happened.

In any
case, as much as I would like to see the White Sox win the World Series in
Chicago on Saturday night, the person in me who wants to get back into a normal
groove sort of just hopes the Sox sweep the Astros tonight, and I won’t even
taunt my sister
and her family
much if that happens.  Also, from the way things have
been going, it seems God is on the White Sox’ side, and definitely not on my
side to win the lottery.

I will say this, no matter what anyone says, and with
some respect for the Astros, it’s been a hell of a World Series so far, but it
just seems the White Sox have been able to capitalize on nearly every break they
have gotten, whether a mistake by the other team, or a wacky call.  The
Astros, last night, had a home run that wasn’t a home run, but nobody made that
big deal about it, and who would have thought that Oswalt would give up five
runs in an inning, but for me, with everything that has happened for the White
Sox so far in the post-season, it seems that God and his cronies of Baseball
Gods want the White Sox to win the World Series.   Either that, or
they are in the midst of the cruelest joke He and his He’s could pull – let the
White Sox win the first three games, then shift every break to the Astros for
four games and let the Sox go down in history as the first team in Major League
Baseball to lose a World Series after winning the first three games of a seven
game series.  Two groups of people would love that:  Cubs’ fans, and
Astros’ fans.  And to top all of that, they would also probably not have me
win the Mega Millions which is now up to $147 million.

And I guess lastly, I’m
hoping the White Sox win the World Series tonight, simply so that no one in
America will have to suffer with the choice of singers Fox is pulling out to
sing our "National
" and "God
Bless America
."  Most every ballpark or city would have their go-to
guy, or gal, to sing these songs, and they are fantastic at it.  In
Chicago, most no one does it better than

Wayne Messmer
, and I’d like to also think that Houston has one of their own. 
Both the "Anthem" and "God Bless" don’t really need to be sung by someone
famous, just someone who does a fabulous job.  The TV folks still haven’t
figured that out.  If I can get the gumption, I just might also try a
podcast about this singing stuff, but I suppose we’ll just have to see if I can
get back in my groove.

I’ve got to go now, Game 4 is starting, I want to get
this posted tonight, and if He and his He’s want this series to continue, I
guess, in continuing with my prayers for this World Series time,  I now
pray "Go ahead, but if that’s your will, at least let the Astros win two and get
it back to Chicago and let the Sox win there, or at least let me win the lottery
on Friday night.  $147 million would surely drown my sorrows if you really
want the Sox to go down in history in the wrong way."

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!