A Selfish Weekend with Friends.


The Dude on the Right

I wish I had a good reason for the lack of postings the last few days, but
really it was all about selfishness. As happens every early December, this is a
weekend that a bunch of friends from college, including myself, get together for a
weekend in Chicago. Folks fly in from New Jersey, some people brave lousy
driving conditions, but the weekend is culminated with a fancy-shmancy, or at
least just a nice dinner, at one of the many fine-dining establishments in the
Chicago area (this year is happened to be an Italian place called


I won’t go into too much about the weekend as I think Stu Gotz
and I will go into some things tomorrow for our Weekend Wrap-Up! Podcast, but
the weekend always gives some interesting events, and sometimes things for
future blogs. A few years ago a group of us came up with a new religion, which
if I could ever find the bar napkins we wrote most of our core beliefs on, well,
if you thought the story of
Xenu and Scientology
is a little bit out there, well, our religion has that beat, and might be a
little more fun. But this weekend wasn’t about religion, and as I reminisce this
evening of a fun weekend filled with seeing old friends, it was also exciting
because for a group of us as we broke out of our predictable selves and
discovered a couple of new establishments, namely
"Reagle Beagle"
(Nice meeting you, Andie!) and
both places being enjoyable, different in their own right, and hopefully longer
reviews will follow at a later time.

For Stu I think I will fill him in on how I tend to humor myself in my own
head with different scenarios I came up with over the weekend, but for some
future blogs there might some topics like:

  • Are 7&7’s back?
  • An internet date gone bad.
  • What’s the point of a flat screen TV?
  • Ventilation in bathrooms.
  • Scrumpy’s remembered.
  • Sure the weekend kept me away from some important news and rumors like
    Britney Spears being pregnant, mourning the death of Evel Knievel, and paying
    attention to college football where, depending on the latest BCS standings, The
    Ohio State Buckeyes might find themselves in the BCS Championship Game after
    all, leaving The Rose Bowl for USC and Illinois, and the folks at FOX are close
    to breathing a sigh of relief of the ratings disaster of a West Virginia v.
    Missouri match-up.  Oh well.

    As being selfish can sometimes cause I am now left with so many things to
    catch back up on, so many things to post, and I still don’t know who got booted
    off of Survivor last Thursday, though I hope to fire up my TiVo later and at let
    the catching up begin.

    It was great to see some old friends again, and in about a year from now I
    will most likely be selfish once again because sometimes old friends are more
    important than posting things on the internet.

    That’s it for this one! 
    I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!