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A Concert Review
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October 21, 1996

The Rosemont Horizon

Rosemont, IL

A Review by
The Dude on the Left
Photos by
The Dude on the Right
After missing the first KISS show because of a softball game, I was extremely excited to hear they were coming back, and that I was going. I've wanted to see KISS since the sixth grade, but my mom wouldn't let me. I've never forgiven her for that, but that's a story for my therapist. Thinking about KISS brought back all sorts of memories of the late 70's phenomenon that was KISS. KISS trading cards, tattoos, the KISS army (I haven't gotten a newsletter in years), the cool cardboard pop gun from the Love Gun album, the comic book (printed with their own blood), and of course the "KISS vs. the Phantom of the Park" movie. I even busted out the old KISS vinyl to get myself in the mood.

A KISS show is for the most part that, a show. They had lots of smoke and fireworks, Ace even shoots fireworks out of his guitar during his solo during "Shock Me." Of course Gene spit fire, fire, fire (settle down Beavis) and blood, and Paul pranced and posed nonstop around the stage. During the final song of the set, "Black Diamond," they used the same raised drum platform seen on the inside covers of KISS Alive II. They even had a nice video system to allow even the people in the cheap seats to see their antics clearly. It looked like they really put everything into the show, they were still having a good time after twenty years, and not just going through the motions.

Oh there was music too. Overall they sounded surprisingly good. Both Gene and Paul's voices were in excellent form. It looks like the years have not been to kind to Ace, but he can still play a mean guitar. Peter's drum work was as good as ever, but his voice didn't sound too hot during Beth (the second song of the encore). In his defense, a ballad like that has to be sung perfectly, or it sounds awful. They covered a wide range of songs from the early years, but nothing from the ill fated "post make-up years". They hit all the classics like "Dr. Love," "God of Thunder," "Duce," and "Shout it Out Loud."

One disappointing change from the old 70's KISS is they too have become politically correct. The intro to "Cold Gin" was the tired "don't drink and drive" crap that has been proceeding drinking songs for the past few years.

I give KISS TWO BIG THUMBS UP! The show was everything I thought it would be even twenty years later. They put on a great stage show, play good tunes and really get the crowd pumped up. I wanted the best and I got the best, the hottest band in the world...... KISS.

I have just a few comments about the Deftones, they opened up for KISS. I think they were a pretty cool, even though a majority of the crowd booed them after every song of their 40 minute set. They were really a victim of the audience. If they were opening at a smaller place for a newer "grunge" type band they would have gotten a much warmer reception. Hel, Hendrix got booed when he opened for the Monkees, it's just not what the crowd was expecting to hear. The lead singer got in a couple good jabs at the crowd when he said between songs, "boo all you want, your kids are going to buy our CD with your money." He also teased them about how much they paid for the tickets, and they had to listen to them. The Deftones play loud, guitar heavy music, with rockin' bass. It's the type of music that could get a mosh pit fired up. It's a bit raw and the lead singer had a tendency to mumble, but overall they were entertaining. I give these guys ONE THUMB UP for the effort, and it's too bad more people don't have an open mind to new music These are probably the same people who, as children, couldn't understand why their parents didn't like KISS. I'll step off my soap box now before I fall off, until next time hang loose.


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