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talented this man was, how well he performed, and how he kept the crowd rocking the entire night. I'll be honest, I didn't know many of the songs, but was entertained. I did hear "Ghost Riders in the Sky," I believe, and "Fever," and he rattled off the names of songs before he played them, but my ears by that point only heard his guitar. But, hey, the music was cool, and there were a couple of other things impressed me about Dick Dale.

One of those impressions was how he broke a guitar string and doesn't have a back-up guitar. Nope, he told the band to keep jamming and re-strung his guitar on stage. It was almost like a challenge for him to not break the music for the sake of a guitar string, and he even turned tuning his guitar into music. For your information, it was his 48 gauge string that broke - I know because he told us. The other thing that impressed me was how he, during "Fever," strolled over and played bass guitar. Yea, okay, not really impressive you might say, but he played the same guitar the bass player was playing. No, not separately, they played the same guitar at the same time. Dick was playing the lower bass lines while the bass dude was playing the melody on the higher strings. I don't know, I just found it pretty cool. And, oh yea, he also plays trumpet, which I'm told, he learned on his own. I was really impressed at the multi-talented aspect of Dick Dale, and his guitar playing just plain rocks.

This job sends me to see bands I normally wouldn't bat an eye at, but many too many times I find that there are so many talented individuals that I have been missing - and Dick Dale is one of them. Some guitar players play great, but Dick Dale is a great player. Some people are talented guitarists, but Dick Dale is a guitar talent, and some people play to sound great. Dick Dale plays a great sound. I had a blast, but always more importantly, the crowd loved him. Dick Dale gets TWO HUGE THUMBS UP!!!! If you like guitar talents, loud music, and a good time, get out to see Dick Dale, and don't just say "Who the hell is Dick Dale?" That's it for this one - L8R!


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