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- November 8, 1996

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The BoDeans
A Concert Review

April 13, 1996

Eastern IL Univ.

Charlston, IL

A Review and Photos by
Stu Gotz
The conversation went something like this-.
"Hey Stu, you still got that friend who goes to EIU?"
"Who, Lisa? Yeah Dude. In fact... I'm going to see her this weekend. She has some tickets for a band."
"The Bodeans?"
"Yeah, that's them."
"Good. Now you have photo clearance too. Bring your camera when you go."
"Cool. Anyone here at E-Ave ever review them before?"
'Nope, you'll be the first."
"Cool. Hey Dude... Who are the BoDeans?"

That's right... I'll admit it. I wasn't sure who the BoDeans were. So on the way home that night I picked up one of their CD's at Best Buy (Why Pay More?). I gave it a listen, Hey! BoDeans Photo 1I've heard these guys before! Their songs "Do I Do" and "Good Things" get a lot of air time on the radio. I just never put two and two together. All right! I'm getting to see the BoDeans!

Now, it's supposed to take about two and a half hours (my personal best is an hour and forty-five minutes) to get from Chicago to EIU. Along the way you drive through miles of corn fields and a "good" radio void. There's not much I can do about the corn but I always bring along some Dean Martin, Black Flag, and Jimmy Buffet CD's to pass the time while driving through radio hell. I got to EIU in about two hours and hooked up with my friend Lisa. Lisa has two roommates and had two friends spending the weekend, so I had intended to stay at a hotel, but they were all booked. So, I had to spend the weekend in an apartment with five female college co-eds. Does this BoDeans Photo 3sound like the beginnings to a good porno movie or what? The girls must have been playing hard to get cause I didn't get any, but I did get to see two good bands.

Opening for the BoDeans was a three piece band called the Mosley's. Word has it that the Mosley's are friends of the BoDeans from the Milwaukee area, or so said Trevor from the Sigma Phi Epsilon house who was working security. When the Mosley's came on, the auditorium wasn't quite full yet so I got the chance to slip it right in front of the stage! The Mosley's started their set with some rock'n tunes like "Sleeping On The Beach" and "What Is This Thing". Then they slowed it down with a "hug your chick and sway" song called "I'm Afraid". So, there I am getting the impression that these old guys with receding hairlines are pretty much a rock band when all of a sudden they mix it up with a country song called "I Like Talking To You" (the title sounds like something Forrest Gump would say). This got a couple of girls in the crowd doing the Doe-See-Doe and I even found myself stomping a foot (I'll have to get that checked).

The Mosley's finished their set with a strong song called "You've Got To Want It". This got all the girls dancing and me wanting it after watching all those young lovely's bouncing around. After the set was over the bass player was cool enough to give his Stage Pass to a tall cute blonde in the from row. From what I gather she looked for him after the show to personally thank him. Wow! I wish I could sing or play a guitar.

So what kind of band are these guys? Rock or Country? Maybe they're just a little of both. Being a little older and in need of some fashion advice didn't stop the Mosley's from putting on a good show. I don't think I'd pay a lot of money to see them as a headliner, but if they were playing a club or my favorite pub I'd check them out and have a beer. I liked the Mosley's and give them ONE THUMB UP.

It took about forty minutes before the BoDeans were ready to come on, so I spent the time BoDeans Photo 2checking out all the ladies. The crowd was about 75 percent female and all of them were done up and looking sharp! I was tempted to snap off a couple of shots of the crowd, but I only had one roll of film left. Next time I'll have to ask my cheap-ass editor to give me more. When the lights dimmed and the BoDeans came on stage, the crowd surged and I was smashed against the stage by the firm, young ladies behind me. Trevor was cool enough to back them off of me, but this wasn't necessary because I actually liked it.

The show started with some lesser known tunes like "Idaho" and "Heart of America." Then they did "Go Slow Down" which sounds like it came off a spaghetti western soundtrack. I'm not knocking the song - I liked it. It's just that I expected Clint Eastwood to come out from back stage and shoot somebody. Then it happened. Sam Llanas (aka Sammy BoDean) spoke. "I'm really sorry you people in the bleachers can't be down here with us... So this ones for you... So let me hear you howl!" All the girls eyes were on Sammy as they howled and their boyfriends looked on in dismay. The three sorority girls behind me were howling their heads off. (Side Note: I like a nice tan on a girl, but crows feet at age twenty is sad!)

Sammy shares the task of lead singing with Kurt Neumann and together they're babe magnets. Sam, with his dark hair and baby face, and Kurt with his "great eyes", according to Beth, could have had any woman in the crowd. This point was further proven when the band did the song "Naked." "Naked" is my friend Lisa's favorite song, and when Sammy started singing it she started jumping up and down and screaming "get naked with me". Too bad she wasn't talking to me. She did get Sam's attention because he walked right up to her and mouthed the word "What?" She was dumbfounded and I'm sure in need of a fresh pair of underwear. Later in the show Sam spied me taking notes and came over and asked "what's that". I replied "I'm press" and he gave me wave. This was cool but it didn't evoke a response in me like that of Lisa's.

By the time the BoDeans did "Paradise" all the ladies in the audience were swooned. At this point in the show I gave up my prime spot to a petite redhead off to the side and behind me. She was so thrilled that she kissed me. Wow! I wondered how far I could have gotten if I let her sit on my shoulders. Then it dawned on me, a BoDeans show is a great place to pick up chicks! They all can't t go home with the band. If you decide to try this be warned that you'll have to put a little effort into it. First off, the BoDeans are snappy dressers. Kurt in clean non-wrinkled black jeans, Sam, a simple tee-shirt and cool two tone leather shoes without socks, and the bass player with a cool gray bowling style shirt. My point being - leave the baseball caps and flannel at home. Next, be prepared to a emotional deep guy. Reading an issue of Cosmo should prepare you for this. Lastly, make a tape for your car. The tape should contain "Do I Do", "Paradise", and "Naked".

The show ended with an encore set of "Do I Do" followed by "Still of the Night." Seeing the BoDeans live, it's hard not to sing along and dance. If you like the BoDeans on CD you'll love them live. Actually, the BoDeans just released a double live CD called "Joe Dirt Car". Check it out. I think you'll like it. I give the BoDeans TWO BIG THUMBS UP!!!

After the show I hung out with my bud Spicoli at the Sigma Nu house. Around 1am, Lisa and Beth came crashing through screaming about how they met the band. Turns out the girls found out where the BoDeans were staying and the went there. They spent a half hour wandering the halls of the hotel with no luck and just as they were about to leave the BoDeans got on the elevator with them. The guys were tired but still friendly, at least that's what Beth said. Beth got to give Sam a pack of matches and the bass player played with her scrunchy hair. I think Lisa just stood there speechless in dire need of an underwear change.

Oh well, every concert brings an experience, and like I said, the BoDeans brings a good one!  'nuff said.


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