Paranormal Activity

The Dude on the Right wasn’t freaked out by the movie, but during his review of "Paranormal Activity," we find that the dude-pad and the movie set have something in common. As far as the movie goes, though, The Dude gets how the movie folks were going, even liked some of the "creepy" factor, but he doesn’t scare easily and thought the movie was too predictable. He also thought the ending ruined it by putting the movie over the top instead of leaving you with a "that could be my wife/girlfriend" the next time she sleepwalks. At least there wasn’t any gore.

Staying in Bed, Management, Toy Stories, Not Being Prepared, and Balloon Boy!

The Dude on the Right and Stu Gotz wanted to both be in bed, only not together, and for different reasons, and they explain why during their “Weekend Wrap-Up!” podcast.  Neither reason had drinking to excess involved, just klutziness and flu-ness, but they both had some movieness with “Management” and the 3-D versions of “Toy Story” and “Toy Story 2.”  The boys also discuss Balloon Boy and the hoax that is ensuing, a topic that somehow shifts into the musical styling’s of The 5th Dimension and Monty Python.  All of that, plus some Chicago Bears’ talk, some Sweetest Day talk, and chocolaty goodness of Count Chocula.

The Proposal

The Dude on the Right liked "The Proposal" in the theater, so for this Blu-ray review of the movie it’s no surprise that he still likes the movie. What he doesn’t like is the lackluster effort at "extras" for the DVD. Pretty much he felt he wasted his time watched the deleted scenes, the outtakes, and all he got out of the "alternate" ending was the fact that he was happy with the original ending, although the alternate ending did reinforce that some filming did not take place in Alaska. He still thinks it’s a good "snuggle on the couch with your honey" kind of movie, so dudes, suck it up because you do get Sandra Bullock almost naked.

A Peace Prize, Couples Retreat, Where’s My Sidekick Stuff, and Stupid People!

Stu Gotz doesn’t really tell The Dude on the Right much about his weekend during their "Weekend Wrap-Up!" Podcast, but that’s okay because there is enough stuff going on that even if Stu did have a boring weekend, the boys have lots to talk about. It seems The Dude did do something this weekend, namely seeing "Couples Retreat," so he tells Stu if it’s a movie to take Mama Gotz to see, but Stu is more interested in what The Dude thinks about President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize, if he knows what is wrong with people’s Sidekicks, and if he ever saw Alyssa Milano naked. The both have TV woes, the dude wonders about the flu shot, and Stu sees stupid people, but what else is new?

Couples Retreat

The Dude on the Right isn’t like most critics, and he thinks that the fact that he enjoyed "Couples Retreat," as you’ll find out in this review, is another reason supporting this fact. Sure, he didn’t find anything groundbreaking in the film, wonders if they just shot the movie in Bora Bora to have a vacation in Bora Bora, but did enjoy the characters, the jokes, and he’s not ashamed to say it, but some of the women in bikinis were cute. The movie didn’t preach too much, it had a peeing child, and women get to ogle the yoga instructor. What else do you want from a romantic comedy?

Chicago Sucks, A Movie Weekend, and Wiping Your Ass.

The Dude on the Right and Stu Gotz are a little sad that Chicago didn’t get the 2016 Olympics, but Stu tells The Dude, during their "Weekend Wrap-Up!" podcast, that he was more bummed when he had trouble wiping his butt. The Dude at least had some fun by seeing "Zombieland," "The Invention of Lying," and even "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past," while Stu learned something interesting about a little Gotz, and has his idea for the perfect wedding gift. The Dude now wonders if Stu will get an invite to his wedding. Time will tell.

The Invention of Lying

The Dude on the Right explains, in his review of "The Invention of Lying," that sometimes it is scary when people tell the truth. For example, who really wants to know that they have absolutely no chance of sleeping with someone after their date, or that they will be fired in two days. But that’s not to say that The Dude didn’t like the movie, because he did, thinks Ricky Gervais is a hoot, and is liking Jennifer Garner who does a great job in her role. It’s a great date movie, but after seeing it you might have an idea what she is really thinking, and what she did before you showed up at her door.


The Dude on the Right was torn at the time he was going to see "Zombieland" because the decision for the 2016 Olympics were pretty much at the same time as the movie. Happily for him he went to see the movie because the result of the movie was much better than the result of the Olympic city as Chicago got shut out right off the bat, but The Dude really liked "Zombieland." Don’t worry because this isn’t a serious zombie movie, nope, you get fake-looking blood and guts, and over-the-top Woody Harrelson, and Bill Murray as a very funny, well, Bill Murray. The Dude’s full review gives you the full scoop.

The Chicago Olympics, Monday TV Viewing, Surrogates, Jim Cantore Calls Stu, and More!

The Dude on the Right and Stu Gotz have a busy weekend, but thankfully a lot of it during this "Weekend Wrap-Up!" podcast isn’t about politics, although there is talk about President Obama going to Denmark to cheer on the Chicago Olympic folks, although we doubt he’ll be giving Chia Obama’s as parting gifts. The Dude is bummed he missed the F-Bomb dropping during Saturday Night Live, Stu wants The Dude to watch Pawn Shop, and who knew Stu Gotz would spawn some talented kids, but he did!

They talk about flu shots at strip clubs, how they both didn’t like the movie "Surrogates," options to record/watch all of their TV shows, and happily Stu’s personal phone call from Jim Cantore wasn’t necessary for his family’s safety this time, but he was glad he got one. Somehow, even with all of this, they even get some time to talk about The Chicago Bears, and Stu makes the discovery of a lifetime, namely he found where you can buy Franken Berry, Boo Berry, and Count Chocula. All is well with the world.


The Dude on the Right went to see "Surrogates," and during this movie review we find that The Dude had problems with the story, the plot, the future of mankind, but not Bruce Willis’ hair. The movie is about human-like robots who do all of the work for humans who are "plugged" into the robots while lounging at homes in their robes. It seems there is a weapon that can kill the robot but also kills the human controlling the robot, and this could cause problems for the people who make the robots. That seems to be be the simple explanation for the movie, but The Dude is more worried about the future of mankind because it doesn’t appear people are having sex anymore, except in the virtual world.