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June 3, 2008

Hannah Montana. Who Knew?

By: The Dude on the Right
I hate to sound like Andy Rooney, but did you ever get to the end of the night, tired and ready for bed, but then decide that you should send an e-mail?  And did you ever type that e-mail, attempting to be creative, sure, maybe addressing something on your mind, but missing a larger point?  And then, did you click on the "Send" button, groggily think to yourself "Did I just write that?", so you check your "Sent" folder, re-read the e-mail transporting through cyberspace, and say "Oh, that probably just comes off so wrong."?  Yup, I did that last night, and now you are probably wondering "Dude, what the hell does this have to do with Hannah Montana, and you do know that she's a fictional character played by Miley Cyrus, don't you?"  My answer is that "Yes, I do know Hannah Montana is a fictional character," but be patient, because how "she" equates to a late night e-mail will be fully explained.

So, yea, last night I sent off an e-mail that, after re-reading it, after I had already sent it, I pretty much figured there was only one way to interpret a portion of it, and really wished someone would invent, you know what, never mind the invention thing, I think I'll keep that to myself, but my options were to attempt, still being tired, sending off an e-mail saying "Please don't read my previous e-mail," that, of course, the person will, faster than the speed of light, open the other e-mail and read it, or try to send an "Okay, let me explain the comment in my previous e-mail better," but being tired, needing sleep, and with the e-mail already on its way, my last option was to just head to bed, going to sleep saying "You know better than to send an e-mail, and try to be creative with it, when you are tired."  And eventually I fell asleep.

Then, of course, morning had broken, or rather my alarm went off, I woke up, instantly remembering the e-mail from the night before, and then kept kicking myself in the ass for sending said e-mail, much as I was kicking myself in the ass before I went to bed the night before (I so over-analyze things a lot).  But it was time for exercising, hoping that maybe it would take my mind off the e-mail for a bit before I might get a reply, so I'm into my shorts and t-shirt, the heart-rate monitor is fired up, the earphones are plugged into my iPhone, I select my "exercise" mix, and then, because I think Apple has put a cyber-brain into their products at times, giving them a life of their own, my iPhone "exercise" mix started to hit me with every song on it that screams "What the hell did you do?"  An Offspring "Why Don't You Get a Job,"  Evenescence's "Going Under," "3 AM" from matchbox 20, "Folsom Prison Blues" from Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond's "I Am... I Said," and "My Last Yeehaw" from Cowboy Troy kept infiltrating my music mix, which on any other morning would just keep my exercise-bicycling fired up, but this morning, just kept me thinking about the e-mail I sent the night before.

So I was about 20 minutes into my planned 45 minute exercise biking when I was close to bailing on the exercising, especially since my iPhone seemed to just want to torture me, and just getting on with my day seemed just a challenge enough.  But then, low and behold, came bouncy girl-pop music, "Don't let no small frustration, ever bring you down," and yes, as I am comfortable enough to say I liked the "Sex and the City" movie, yes, I have Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus on my iPhone.  There it was, singing through my earphones, the song "Life's What You Make It," and as I turned my focus to the lyrics, I started to realize that fine, my e-mail might not have been exactly how I wanted to word things, but I couldn't let it ruin my day, because life is hard or it's a party, the choice is up to me!

My exercising done, and Hannah Montana (yes, I know it's Miley Cyrus) singing in my head, there it was, an e-mail for me, pretty much stating exactly how I figured she would have interpreted the e-mail from the night before.  I still have to reply, but I suppose I won't try to get make it all "creative" and stuff, and not send the e-mail when I'm tired and groggy.

My day had a lot of potential to be crabby, at least in my head, but a fictional star snapped me back to reality.

"Life's what you make it, so let's make it rock!"  Hannah Montana.  Who knew?

That's it for this one!  I'm The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

Posted by Rightdude at June 3, 2008 7:18 PM


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