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January 2, 2008

Our First Blog of 2008, and Do You Want a Free Bag of Cheese Curls?

By: The Dude on the Right
What better way to start a new year, albeit a day late, than with a new blog!  At first I was going to work on the transformation of Entertainment Ave! to 2008, which pretty much just means a global search and replace of the website thus changing the copyright information from "1996-2007" to "1996-2008," and also including a link to our sister site,, but then I wondered why would I link to the sister site yet when I haven't begun one of my New Year's Goals, namely consistently updating story links over at Mostly Entertainment.  I did create the graphic for the link, have to admit it's kind of lame, but hey, go ahead and click on it if you want to link to some old headlines from back in October of last year (at least as I post this).

Updating the website aside, the second day of January also made me realize something, especially after the food meltdown I had on the 1st day of January, and that is I just need to order and ship the damn things to my friends rather than bring them back from the old country to distribute later, but then my question is if any of my friends actually deserve a case of them.  That's right, I'm talking, again, about cheese curls.  I blogged about them before, the best cheese curls in the world, from "Snyder of Berlin", and as my never-ending quest at losing weight was just ready to begin yesterday, with a new plan for just losing 1 pound a week and trying to get inspired by "The Biggest Loser: Couples," out of the corner of my eye, high on a shelf, the glorious bag caught my eye.  There was only one bag left of the three originally purchased because I did at least dish one off to Stu Gotz.  The other two were supposed to be for another buddy I know, a dude, who if you met you would never think he was a cheese curl kind of guy, but at a lunch one day he told Stu and me about his Achilles heel of snack food.  I promised him I would bring the best cheese curls back for him for the next time we met.  This was actually back in early November, and when I went home for Thanksgiving I brought back a couple of bags to give to him but those never made past the first week in December (yup, I ate those two bags), and then at Christmas I brought back three bags, quickly dispensed one to Stu, quickly ate one for me (even though that one was originally planned for my buddy), and did my best, for four days, to save that last bag for my buddy.  But as the bag of glorious cheesiness beckoned me I could no longer resist, and now, half a bag gone, I was tempted to throw the rest of those orange, curled, baked goodness into the garbage, but no, there they are, waiting for my next moment of weakness which will probably be about four hours from the time I am typing this blog.

Herein lies my next dilemma - From the Snyder of Berlin order form I can only order my beloved cheese curls by the case, which would contain 14 bags of cheese curls, and even I feel bad about dumping 14 bags of cheesines onto only one of my friends.  The thing is that if I ship the case to myself I know I could unload a couple to Stu, if I'm prompt about it I could re-ship two bags to my local buddy and two other bags could go to a staff member's girlfriend in New Jersey.  That leaves me with 8 bags of the World's best cheese curls which I could probably eat in a span of about 12 days, which I really, really, really, really would like to do, but for my weight loss goal is probably not a good idea.  So here's what I'm proposing and there is no guarantee you will get a bag.  If you would like me to send you a bag of what I consider the best cheese curls in the World, send me an e-mail to with your name, age and shipping address stating you would like a bag of cheese curls.  If I do, in fact, order a case, and I do not, in fact, eat them all, and if they do, in fact, have expiration dates later than when you would get the bag, I will ship you a bag of cheese curls.  I'll do my best to package them nicely but make no promise they won't arrive crushed and broken, Birds Eye Foods has absolutely nothing to do with my sending you a bag of cheese curls nor this blog, and don't blame me for one, free, taste, that might make you an addict.  In any case, if this cheese curl giveaway happens because I don't eat them all, I really just want to know what you think of them.

Here's to your weight loss in 2008!

That's it for this one!  I'm The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

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