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April 30, 2007

What's New? A Podcast of: Stu & The Dude's Weekend Wrap-Up! Lame Movies, A Lame Weekend, and a Blower at a Ballgame.

For this podcast of "Stu & The Dude's Weekend Wrap-Up!", The Dude on the Right had a pretty boring weekend while Stu Gotz, and Mama Gotz, witnessed a blower at a ballgame. Stu and The Dude also talk about the lame box office this past weekend with "Spider-Man 3" coming up next week, and they both liked "Idiocracy" that Stu watched thanks to Netflix.

They also talk "Sopranos," "Heroes," and The Dude gives his take on what went wrong with this season's "American Idol."

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April 26, 2007

What's New? A Podcast of: "American Idol" Conspiracy Theories, Writing Can Get You Jailed, and Bobby "Boris" Pickett is Dead.

For this podcast The Dude on the Right is still trying to further develop his "American Idol" conspiracy theories, especially with the "mysterious" booting of Sanjaya one week before the "Idol Gives Back" broadcast. He's also worried about how creative writing now might get you arrested, and is saddened by the passing of Bobby "Boris" Pickett. Long live Bobby "Boris" Pickett.

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April 24, 2007

Dear American Idol, at Least Sally Struthers Sent Me a Picture of Who I Was Helping.

By: The Dude on the Right
"American Idol" gets all self-righteous this week because now they want you to vote because your votes will click into donations to "Idol Gives Back."  We get a bunch of "tear-jerking" of how things suck outside of the United States, how things suck inside the United States, how, like those old Sally Struthers' commercials, it only "costs less than $.50 a day to feed a child," and I hate to sound soul-less, but Sanjaya is gone, I already have the charities I give my money to, and don't really care about any of the singers that are left, but here's my take on their performances anyway:

Chris: Sings "Change the World" by Eric Clapton.  Did okay but the song is boring, except for this being "charity" week so of course it fits.

Melinda: Sings "There Will Come a Day" by Faith Hill.  I still think she has been losing weight (good for her), now needs some slight dental work, but more importantly did a great job with her singing, and performing.

Blake: Sings "Imagine" by John Lennon.  First thought - You should never sing "Imagine" unless you are John Lennon.  Second thought - You should never sing "Imagine" unless you are John Lennon.  Simon saw sincerity in the performance.  He might have had sincerity, but Blake didn't seem to portray emotion.

LeKisha: Sings "I Believe" by Fantasia.  Why do they keep "squishing" her into these dresses, especially her bust-line?  She almost seems to be trying too hard in her singing.

Phil: Sings "The Change" by Garth Brooks.  Sticking with the country side since he can this week, but man, I loved Garth's version while am cringing while Phil sings the song.  It must have sounded a hell of a lot better in the studio than it did on TV because the judges seemed to have liked it.

Jordin: Sings "You'll Never Walk Alone."  I hate to say this, but as inspirational as this song is supposed to sound, on my TV she didn't sound uplifting, but rather depressing.

I honestly have to say this might be my last "American Idol" synopsis because I can't take their "we are better than the world" attitude anymore.  The reason for this comes from some of Ryan Seacrest's final lines in the show, namely "This might be the most important call you'll ever make." and "You are saving your favorite, and you are saving lives."  I could vote to save a life, but is "American Idol" going to send me a photo of the child I'm "feeding" in a far-off land?  I don't think so. I also don't have a favorite so sadly it seems all of my 300 or some odd votes that I cast for Sanjaya, while I was on the "Vote for Sanjaya" bandwagon and hypnotized by The Howard Stern Movement, aren't going to feed anyone.

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!

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What's New? A Podcast of: Stu & The Dude's Weekend Wrap-Up! Alanis' Humps, Movies to See or Not to See, and T.V. Sweeps are Coming.

For this podcast of "Stu & The Dude's Weekend Wrap-Up!", Stu Gotz and The Dude on the Right are finally able to get together after a couple of weeks to actually do a wrap-up. There's some quick talks about Alanis Morissette and her humps, they trade movie notes on what to, and what not to see, and both are looking forward to the return of "Heroes." The Dude is now hooked on "Entourage" and is looking forward to the episode with Artie Lange from Howard Stern's show, and the nice weather also had The Dude reflect back to college and finishing off a Vicodin prescription.

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April 21, 2007

What's New? A Movie Review of "Hot Fuzz."

For this movie review of "Hot Fuzz," The Dude on the Right isn't always a fan of British humor, but for the last twenty minutes of this movie alone he recommends seeing it. He also admires probably the best use of a swan in a movie, ever.

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April 19, 2007

What's New? A Podcast of: Why Watch "American Idol" or "Dancing With the Stars" Any More?

For this podcast The Dude on the Right laments about his having no desire to watch "American Idol" anymore since Sanjaya has been booted. It also seems the producers of the show have left themselves an "out" to "eliminate" any contestant because of "power dialing." Sadly Howard Stern and the dialidol site may have given the producers their "reason" to toss out some of Sanjaya's votes. He's also sick of "Dancing With the Stars," or at least the "Heather Mills is an amputee story. He's now only watching for Julianne Hough and Edyta Sliwinska.

Posted by Rightdude at 7:58 PM | Comments (0)

April 17, 2007

I'm In Love With Martina McBride, But I'm Voting for Sanjaya!

By: The Dude on the Right
It's country night this week, with Martina McBride being the coach/mentor.  I will assume many of the contestants had no idea who she was, but I've always found her fabulously hot, especially with her gorgeous blue eyes and with the longer hair she was sporting for this week's show.  Martina really seemed to be trying to help the contestants, which probably goes along with her country roots, and for a change, most of them seemed to listen to what she had to say.  As it goes, here's my wrap-up:

Phil: Sings "Where The Blacktop Ends."  All I could think is that if he wore a cowboy hat, or what is even more popular now for country dudes, a baseball cap, I would maybe stop thinking about his bald head.  He performed well enough that this might keep him around for another week.  Country might be his niche.

Jordin: Sings "Broken Wing."  Did a nice version of the song, but crackled here and there.  I hate being superficial with her, but she could still afford to lose a pound or two because her voice kicks butt.  She listened to Martina's advice to just sing the song, and did a good job.

Sanjaya: Sings "Let's Give Them Something to Talk About."  Nice bandana and hair!  He's back to being the Sanjaya we know and love, one that can't sing and is just trying to be quirky.  If he's not in the bottom three we know the Sanjaya movement is in full force!  Vote for Sanjaya!

LeKisha: Sings "Jesus, Take the Wheel."  Yup, it's the Carrie Underwood song.  Finally an outfit that works great for her, and she really seemed to get the Carrie Underwood/country vibe.  Of all of the times I have seen her, this was the most I have ever liked her, except for one thing she can't fix yet, and that's the gap between her front teeth.  Maybe this one sounded better on TV than in the studio because I actually liked her this week.

Chris: Sings "Mayberry."  Throw a baseball cap on this dude and Kenny Chesney might have something to worry about.  Why have the dudes suddenly become country singers?

Melinda: Sings "Trouble is a Woman."  She knows how to "bring it," but her top was iffy on the outfit side.  She brought the sass, she sang fine, and just did a great job.  Paula is dancing, so maybe that's a good sign for Melinda.  Simon even liked it, and gave some other great advice about stopping being so humble.

Blake: Sings "When the Stars Go Blue."  Other than the sweater, and his seeming to miss the falsetto moments, and missing other notes, we found out he couldn't "sing" the song okay, but "performed" it nicely.  From the judges comments I guess it sounded a hell of a lot better live because I thought he sounded lousy.

And in wrapping up this week's synopsis I don't think Simon, Paula, nor Randy understand this era of country, nor did they ever really like most any country movement.  The country week for this group makes the voting a total toss-up.  Phil sang well but needed a hat; Jordin has a lot of potential - just don't go bulimic; Sanjaya, is, well, Sanjaya; I thought LeKisha was great but needs better teeth; Chris just needed a baseball cap; Melinda, well, she did the best; and Blake was a performer, not a singer tonight.

Since Gina is gone I only have one person to vote for now, and you probably know who that is.  Since I can't vote for Martina McBride, I'm voting for Sanjaya!!!

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!

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April 16, 2007

Stu is Stranded, so Here's a Blog About "Head Case" and "The Bronx Bunny Show."

By: The Dude on the Right
Normally on Mondays it’s our latest podcast of “Stu & The Dude’s Weekend Wrap-Up!”, but Stu Gotz is stranded on the east coast and now knows the furry of what a nor’easter is. So I figured that rather than do a solo podcast recapping my weekend, nor do any guessing or blaming or analyzing about today’s huge news story, namely the shootings at Virginia Tech (why do they hold press conferences when they don’t have any answers yet), I thought I would do a blog about a couple of new shows coming to the Starz cable network.

A little while ago the mailman left this giant piece of cardboard (he obviously couldn’t figure out how to deliver this thing as it was folded haphazardly to maybe fit in his mailbag.) This piece of cardboard held the screener for “The Bronx Bunny Show.” Not having gotten any screeners from the Starz people before I was intrigued, and really hoped the show would be entertaining so I could give a glowing review and maybe be sent more screeners from them. I watched the screener. All I know is thank goodness there seemed to be a mailing screw-up because about a week later I was resent the screener for “The Bronx Bunny Show,” (the both of them made nice “Elton John” style spectacles), but on the better side, this later mailing also included “Head Case,” which actually made me laugh.

Both shows premiere on Starz on Wednesday, April 18th, as part of “The Starz Comedy Hour.” “Head Case” seems to lead the hour at 11PM (EDT), followed by “Martin Lawrence Presents 1st Amendment Stand-up” (which I didn’t get a screener for), followed by “The Bronx Bunny Show” around 11:45. So I suppose I first just blast the Bunny show, before I get to the potential of “Head Case.”

“The Bronx Bunny Show” has two puppet characters, Bronx Bunny (a brown bunny), and Teddy T. (a panda). They “move” from the Bronx to LA to stage an “interview” show where they ask questions to celebrities that “Leno, Letterman, and certainly not Oprah” would ask. So yes, the language is adult, and the questions are meant to be provocative, and Teddy T. is supposed to be the “rude” one. For the screener I watched the guests were Howie Mandel (the “Deal or No Deal” dude) and Stacy Kiebler (from wrestling and “Dancing With the Stars.”) Now I don’t know if this is “scripted” or not, but Stacy didn’t seem to get it, and pretty much was asked questions about getting naked, which, well, a popular satellite radio personality has already perfected. Howie Mandel at least seemed to get the concept of the show, and played along, complete with being “disgusted” at Teddy T. taking a dump during the interview, especially with Mr. Mandel being germ-a-phobic, and having a great joke about him playing “Deal or No Deal” with his wife. But again, the puppet’s interviewing wasn’t anything new for me, and I kept fixating that whomever was doing the puppeting of Bronx Bunny seemed to be doing a crappy job with the “mouth-moving” part of the puppeting. I hate to say it, but “The Bronx Bunny Show” just wasn’t funny for me, that the questions are actually asked by someone else who does it better, and thank goodness the screener was only about 20 minutes long.

Then, with the new mailing, I popped in the screener for “Head Case” and saw a show that seems to have potential.

The concept of “Head Case” is pretty simple: Dr. Elizabeth Goode (Alexandra Wentworth) is a therapist to the stars, but she is sometimes as scatterbrained as the celebrities she is trying to help. She has an office assistant who likes to blab about who is coming in, and she shares her office space with Dr. Myron Finkelstein (Steve Landesberg), who’s practice is failing so he keeps trying to cherry-pick her clients.

With that we are introduced to “fake” therapy sessions with real celebrities. My screeners included Jason Priestley, Rich Eisen, and Shelby Lynn among others. The best part was that the celebrities worked with it, especially Jason Priestley who let “Dr. Goode” therapy him into dressing in women’s clothes and wearing make-up, while Dr. Finkelstein was more Andy Dick’s kind of therapist since he could prescribe drugs.

Of the two shows I think “Head Case” might just end up on my TiVo to see where it goes because it was quirky and made me laugh. I guess the 10-week run of the series is already set, but my hope for “Head Case” is that they just don’t try to ram a new celebrity or two down our throat every week, and that we start to develop what happens in their subsequent sessions (i.e. Does Jason Priestley show up next time dressed in drag now that he is comfortable in it?)

And so this blog hasn’t really been a blog, but more a review of two TV shows on cable, for adults. Sadly I really didn’t like “The Bronx Bunny Show,” but “Head Case” has a lot of potential in the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” tone, and keeps it tight enough at only 15 minutes long so you might not get bored saying “Alright, I get it already. She’s a kooky therapist.” Then you watch it the next week, when, if it would get to the 16 minute mark, you would be saying again “Alright, I get it already. She’s a kooky therapist.”

Sorry about the review-length blog, but I don't really have a spot for reviews of TV shows (maybe I need to set up a new area on the site since TV is part of my life, but I'm sorry, I digress), but Podcast-wise I’ll be back on Thursday with some “American Idol” recaps, among other things, and next week Stu and I should be back together to get a "weekend/last couple of weeks" wrap-up done.

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!

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April 15, 2007

What's New? Stu & The Dude Reviewin' the Movies for You! Blades of Glory

For this episode of "Stu & The Dude Reviewin' the Movies for You!", Stu Gotz and The Dude on the Right tackle the Will Ferrell/Jon Heder flick "Blades of Glory." Sure, The Dude did a written review a couple of weeks ago, but for this video podcast Stu needs to be taught a lesson, and The Dude is just the one to teach him.

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April 14, 2007

What's New? A Movie Review of "Disturbia."

The Dude on the Right went to see "Disturbia," and since he hasn't grown up he understands the concept of this PG-13 movie. But since he is also older he saw the potential this movie had to be a great thriller. Sadly it was stuck in the PG-13 world.

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April 13, 2007

What's New? A Podcast of: The Don Imus School of What Not to Do, "The Sopranos," and Sanjaya is Still Safe!

The Dude on the Right returns for this podcast thinking Don Imus might actually be remembered in the annals of radio teaching of what not to do when you put your foot in your mouth, rather than for his radio career. He also wasn't that pleased with the return of "The Sopranos," and although sad to see Haley on "American Idol" go, The Dude is happy Sanjaya is still around, mostly, according to him, because of his campaigning, and not that of Howard Stern nor the Vote for the Worst folks. The Dude on the Right is also sometimes delusional.

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April 11, 2007

Why Is It Sanjaya Seemed to Get It?

By: The Dude on the Right
At least Jennifer Lopez seems to be giving some of the singers some real advice this week, although it appears none of the contestants, except maybe Sanjaya, actually took it. Maybe the other “coaches” in previous weeks gave just as much advice, but with one more contestant gone it gave J Lo more screen time. Here’s my rundown of the contestants…

Melinda: Sings “Sway.” Since we all know she can sing, unless she forgets words or falls on her face, it’s about looks. The giant smile with the upper gum is still a bad look, the hair makes her look old, not 20 years old – 50 years old. Keep it hip girl.

LeKisha: Sings “Conga.” Most camera shots were far away, or highlighting the band, because, and since we know she can sing, she looked stuffed into that dress. Like Melinda she sounded fine, but superficiality will be her downfall right now.

Chris: Sings “Smooth,” the Rob Thomas/Santana version. He’s still singing too low for the song most people recognize, and I’ve met Rob Thomas, even though it was a bunch of years ago – and Chris is no Rob Thomas. Maybe Paula really needs to see Rob Thomas to sing it to her because she seemed to like Chris.

Haley: Sings “Turn the Beat Around.” Nice shorts but needs less up top. She sings okay but needed to practice some Shakira “moves” to maybe get her to the next round, especially for this song. Simon knows the score, and if she would only embrace it she could actually win. She’s practicing the wrong things, like singing.

Phil: Sings “Maria.” He’s got a hat back on, but all of us already are stuck with his bald head in our heads. He’s trying to be a Latin singer, but he doesn’t have the machismo to pull it off, and his voice is cracking in a lot of places. Please let him go ahead of Haley.

Jordin: Sings “The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You.” Why is it that none of these folks seem to understand Latin music? It’s singing combined with body movement and emotion. Jordin still looks a little chubbier than I remember, even though her singing is good. She’s just not working it with her body.

Blake: Sings “I Need to Know.” Nice hat. He epitomizes the white guy dance. The song exudes sex, and he, well, doesn’t. Maybe it was better live, but on TV he sucked for me.

Sanjaya: Sings a Spanish song that I don’t know that the title is. Oh my God, I hate to say this, but of all of the singers he understood the “Latin” theme and nailed it.

Performance-wise, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Sanjaya actually got the theme of the night, while most of the others sucked. Sure, they can sing, but we are starting to see most of them don’t know how to perform. In a shocker I can see LeKisha getting the boot, but is should probably be Haley or Phil who get the boot. I’m hoping Phil gets booted, and that Haley wears a little less next week!

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!

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April 8, 2007

What's New? A Movie Review of "Grindhouse: Planet Terror & Death Proof."

For his movie review of "Grindhouse," which included two separate movies, "Planet Terror" and "Death Proof," The Dude on the Right found it kind of funny that people complained about the lousy projection of the film. He sort of likes both films, but thought "Planet Terror" took too long to get the machine gun put on Cherry's leg stump, and "Death Proof" had way too much dialogue and not enough killing.

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Happy Easter, Passover, or Just Have a Nice Day.

By: The Dude on the Right
Today is Easter, and thanks to the boys of "South Park" we found out why the Easter Bunny is such an important aspect of the holy day.  It has nothing to do with some bizarre "rabbits are fertile" nor "you couldn't eat eggs during lent" tradition, as Wikipedia wants to explain, rather it is because Peter, yea, the first Pope, was a bunny rabbit.  The proof is in the wacky hat the pope wears.

But other than some reassessment of my faith by the "South Park" boys, Easter is usually just a day of traditions wrapped around the story of the resurrection of Jesus.  My buddy Stu asked about some of the traditions our family had, and other than the Polish tradition of ham and sausage for dinner, like lots of folks in Lorain, OH, there was the dressing up in your Sunday best, heading to church, and then heading to Lakeview Park to get your picture taken in front of the giant "Easter" basket.  And maybe my memory is being selective right now, but the other thing I seem to remember about having to get our picture taken that morning was that the weather was usually crappy, even if it was sunny, because it was at best cold with the wind coming off of the lake, kinda like most of my memories of attending the Chicago Cubs Opening Day (where the weather forecast for tomorrow is maybe breaking the 40 degree mark with flurries).

And with that trip down memory lane, whether you are celebrating Easter, Passover, or just wondering who that Jesus dude was and what's he have to do with an Easter Bunny, Egg Hunts, and chocolate, I hope you had a nice weekend, and I hope you vote for Sanjaya after Tuesday's American Idol.

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!

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April 5, 2007

Gina's Going Home on American Idol Might Have Been My Fault

By: The Dude on the Right
Normally I would do a podcast on Thursday, complete with my analysis of who got voted off "American Idol," but I'm frantically working on the animation for our next episode of "Stu & The Dude Reviewin' the Movies for You!" so I didn't have time to put together the audio clips I wanted to for the podcast.  I know, my dedication is lacking at times, but I did want to give some quick thoughts about Gina getting the boot on "Idol."

For starters, I'm blaming myself for Gina getting the boot.  If you have been reading any of my blogs or listening to my podcasts you know that I am firmly vested in the "Vote for Sanjaya" movement, and on Tuesday I got so psyched in my voting for Sanjaya Malakar and thinking Gina was probably safe that I didn't vote for Gina.  So Gina, I apologize, and if, among those 30 million votes they said were supposedly cast last Tuesday night, and you got voted off because of about five votes, it is my fault.  The underlying problem with "American Idol" and their voting is they never actually tell us the vote tally, nor never reassure us that the accounting firm of, at least, "Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe" has certified the votes.

Now even though I was sad to see Gina Glocksen go home, at least she made it to the top ten so she can be on the tour, and I doubt she would have made it to the finals, but what do I know.  But the bummer part of her getting voted off is that she didn't make to Bon Jovi week, because as the resident rocker chick, I'm guessing that would have been the week for her truly shine.  Nope, she got sidelined by a week of "standards," where I would have advised her two things.  One would have been to lose the tongue piercing for the week.  As a dude, as she was singing, I didn't hear her singing because all I kept seeing was her tongue piercing and thinking, well, umm, thinking, umm, things.  My guess is the "conservative" voting block thought it was gross, unlike me where I was thinking, umm, things.  My other advice for her would have been to stick with her rocker chick attitude.  Sure, start "Smile" off as a standard, but then in the middle kick things into a gear where you could actually perform the song rather than be stuck behind the microphone.

Me, I'm not hired as an advisor for any of these folks on American Idol, but here are a couple of other things I would advise for our remaining contestants:

Haley: Re-watch season one of Idol and follow the Kelly Clarkson path.  You have an edge on her in that you totally have the looks, legs, and assets right now, without losing any weight.  Pay a little bit more attention to your singing and performing, but keep the outfits kind of skimpy.

Jordin: Watch your outfits so that they don't make you look fat.  You already have the voice.

LeKisha: You have the voice but you perform like a linebacker.  Perform like Aretha.

Melinda: It looks like you have been losing weight, and if so, keep it up.  If not, keep picking the outfits like you did this week.  Also, watch your smile and keep it tight.  Never let your upper lip go above your teeth showing your gums.

All of the Dudes: Phil, always wear something to cover your bald head.  Chris & Blake, you two aren't dudettes, so I'd rather see you both gone.  Sanjaya, keep being the Sanjaya you have found, and pray people like me don't lose interest in the "Vote for Sanjaya" movement.

It's back to animating for me, and seeing if I can maintain my loyalty to the Sanjaya movement, when I probably, as a dude, should be shifting it to the "Haley's Comet" fan club.

Vote for Sanjaya, and Haley.

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!

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April 3, 2007

Sanjaya is Still the Best, but Melinda has Turned up the Heat.

By: The Dude on the Right
Though not nearly as cute as Gwen last week, Tony Bennett was the helper coach for this week's "American Idol."  Maybe it's because the show is trimmed down to an hour, but the clips didn't show Tony helping the kids that much, just giving his opinion (always nice) about the contestants.  But as I'm a half-hour in for this  re-cap, and trying to hit the redial as much as possible between sentences, my votes for Sanjaya seem to be blocked by busy circuits.  And other than Gina's performance, I couldn't be more happy.

In any case, here are my reviews of tonight's "American Idol" performances.

Blake: Sings "Mack the Knife." I actually think he did a fantastic job this week, up until the ending, and I usually don’t like him. He kept it mostly how the song should be sung.

Phil: Sings "Night and Day." That bald head just does not work (he should have worn a nice top hat or derby). His singing was okay, but I don’t think this was a good week for him. I found him boring. Paula said he reminded her of a young Frank Sinatra, and Simon said it best simply blurting out "What?"

Melinda: Sings "I’ve Got Rhythm." Keeping with my superficial-ness, it almost looks like she is trying to lose some weight, or at least is just picking better clothes. Of all of her performances this one puts her totally, especially if she is losing some weight, back on the right track. She just needs to quit smiling so big - popping out the upper gum.

Chris: Sings "Don’t Get Around Much Anymore." He didn’t seem to understand the crooner thing, and I thought he was bad, even with the nice lid. Maybe it was better live than on TV because the judges liked it, but I thought he sucked.

Jordin: Sings "On a Clear Day." Horrible outfit, and she almost seems to be putting on weight, or horrible outfits. Her singing was okay but for the most part I found her boring, which bums me out because I really liked her at the beginning of the competition. Probably better live for the audience.

Gina: Sings "Smile." I thought she sounded great, but really lacked on the performance side of it, although I’m hot sure how you "perform" that song. If she wanted to blast this out of the water she would have kept it calm for the first half of the song, then turned it into a rocker for the second half. Too bad.

Sanjaya: Sings "I’m in Heaven." He still can’t sing on stage, but he has figured out that all he needs to do is "work the crowd." The hair was more conservative this week. All he needs to do is worry about his hair and outfits.

Haley: Sings "Ain’t Misbehavin’." She has learned to flaunt her assets, sings okay (crooner songs are definitely not her forte), but I don’t care because according to my TV she is saving all of her love for me.

LeKisha: Sings "Stormy Weather." I’m sorry, but as nice as she sings all I can think is that if I gave her a bad review she would beat the crap out of me. Great voice, but somehow she needs to find the right people to make her flip into being glamorous in an Aretha Franklin kind of way.

This will be an interesting week to see who gets voted off because of many outside sources, and the fact that the youngins probably have no clue who Tony Bennett is.  I'm still voting for Sanjaya, Haley, and Gina, because at least for Haley and Gina, they have the looks to become an American Idol, although Melinda seems to be closing in fast.

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!

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What's New? A Podcast of: Stu & The Dude's Weekend Wrap-Up! Freaky Fraternity Visitors, Movie Talk, and Nice Easter Eggs.

For this podcast of "Stu & The Dude's Weekend Wrap-Up!", The Dude on the Right relives fraternity days thanks to a story in a campus newspaper and Stu Gotz's recollections. They also talk about recent movies, and words caught on tape, by Stu, at an Easter Egg Hunt that Stu has to try to figure out how to erase so that his kids can watch the tape and not ask "What is a MILF?"

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April 1, 2007

I'm Not Sure What It Costs, But You Can Get Your Own Naked, Chocolate Jesus. Happy Easter!

By: The Dude on the Right
Easter is coming, and all of us know that for Catholics, well, Easter is all about the Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs, breaking out your new spring outfit, and going to church one of those two times a year.  In fact, lately, like Christmas has become about Santa Claus and presents, Easter has now become about chocolate.  Forget the Christian teachings of Jesus getting crucified and rising from the dead to save our sins, most of us just want the chocolate, or hope that that Easter Egg we found might hold a few bucks rather than candy.  And yet, when an artist, sculpturer, dude, decides to sculpt a life-size Jesus out of chocolate, and wants to display it in a New York gallery, suddenly a bunch of Catholics get their panties in a bunch and squash the display.  Sure, the Jesus is displayed without a loin-cloth, so yea, that means his wiener is showing, but maybe people should worry more about their religion rather than a naked Jesus made of chocolate.

And for me, this seems to be what is so screwed up about the world today:  Religion.  The problem is also that this seems to be what has been so screwed up about the world for, well, forever.  Religions preach tolerance.  Religions preach forgiveness.  Religions preach "Love one another" no matter what.  Yet when someone's thoughts, beliefs, ideals, religion, is different from yours, or you sculpt a six-foot Jesus out of Chocolate, suddenly all of that is thrown out the window, other people are heathens, and they will rot in hell because they aren't one with the Easter Bunny.

The dumbest part of this story - I would have probably not found out about this chocolate Jesus if a group of Catholics didn't complain.  It would have been another piece of art some fool would have spent huge amounts of money on to put in his living room (which now would have to be permanently chilled), so that he could say "Look, I've got Jesus, made out of chocolate.  Please don't eat his penis."

Welcome to the season of Easter.

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!

And, oh yea, the artist-dude who did the sculpture is Casimo Cavallero, and that's where I got the picture of the naked, chocolate Jesus from.

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