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November 19, 2006

Turkey Day Week Plans Already Are Going to the Birds.

By: The Dude on the Right
With Turkey Day being this coming Thursday, this is always a weird week to actually try to accomplish anything as planned.  Most people either take off the entire week, realizing nothing substantial will get accomplished, or go to work because they have to only to worry most of the time about how this Thanksgiving will turn out and if there will be any fights.  Me, my Turkey Day week of trying to accomplish things but not sticking with my game-plan has already started.

First off, this weekend, I actually had four movies I wanted to see.  "Casino Royale," "Shut Up & Sing," "Happy Feet," and "Let's Go to Prison" were all on my list.  I even had the schedule planned.  I would see the first showing of "Casino Royale" on Saturday, followed immediately by "Happy Feet" and I would still be able to catch the end of the Ohio State/Michigan football game.  Then there was a 10AM showing of "Let's Go to Prison" on Sunday morning, which would have worked perfectly to see the Chicago Bears game, and I could go and see "Shut Up & Sing" after the Bears' defeat of the New York Jets.  I also figured I could fit in cleaning my bathroom and maybe even some exercising during the weekend.  And, oh yea, I was going out Saturday night to top it all off.

Then I remembered I should probably get the brakes on my car looked at, and my self-diagnosed OCD kicked in at getting all of our IMDB links fixed so I could re-design our Movie Theater review archives (the re-design hasn't happened as of this blog typing).

With my plans now in flux, I go and see "Casino Royale" on Saturday, just as planned.  Skipping "Happy Feet" I head to the place I've always gone to when having my brakes looked at, only to find they changed their hours on Saturday, closing at 1PM.  So I head to the local Midas, only they are already filled for the day.  So much for my brakes.  Those plans screwed, I went home to watch Ohio State beat Michigan, while feverishly updated our IMDB links because I was heading out Saturday evening.

Then of course I stayed out too late.

Yup, oversleeping on Sunday morning blew "Let's Go to Prison" out of the movie viewing schedule, the Bears did beat the Jets, but by that time I could see "Shut Up & Sing" or continue with my OCDing of our IMDB links, especially since I was so close to being finished, so I opted for my OCDing.

So, lets' see.  This weekend I wanted to see four movies and I saw one.  I wanted to clean my bathroom but at least I did do  laundry. I wanted to exercise, but sadly only my fingers and mouse hand got any exercise.  At least I did get all of our IMDB links finished, if only I could catch up on some of my TV viewing right now instead of typing this blog and watching the Dallas Cowboys play the Indianapolis Colts.

So much for getting anything I really want to get done during Turkey Day week so far, and I haven't even brought up when I might get some time to set up my Christmas display.

That's it for this one!  I'm The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

Posted by Rightdude at November 19, 2006 5:23 PM


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