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June 26, 2006

My Sister is a Champion, The Boogeyman, and a Happy Shed.

By: The Dude on the Right
Okay, I'm a day or so behind.  I'm sorry, it won't happen again, until the next time.  Anyway, I made it back to my old country, and back to my current country, actually forgot to get together with Stu to get a podcast done today, but thought I would at least start things back up with some blog talk of my trip home.

Well, my trip home reinforced my continuing belief that those who aren't used to driving on a three-lane highway have absolutely no clue on how to drive on a three lane highway, how my old country town is letting its resident's learn what it might be like to drive on the moon, how sleeping in a basement has some benefits in a house of older parents, and how my sister, and I hate to proclaim this, but my sister is a champion.  I will not really elaborate at what my sister is a champion of, but in all of my life, no one, and I have been around the best of them, has ever accomplished an accomplishment such as hers.  I might talk to Stu about it when we actually get together to do a podcast, and let him know he used to be a contender, but he has now fallen so far below the bar, well, there is no getting back in contention.  I will just say these things right now:  I think my sister's husband would be proud (at least that's what my sister said), my nephew should be glad he wasn't in Ohio (nor in any adjoining states) at the time, and my niece is still in awe that I survived.  My sister's championship aside, I have finally been able to combat my fear and sleep in my old, country home, basement, alone.  I'm thinking The Boogeyman that lives in the laundry room was caught off-guard with my coming home, and especially my camping out in the basement by myself.  Had he have known I was coming home, and sleeping alone in the basement, he probably would have wrestled up a bunch of his friends to spook me, but by the time I left it was too late for him, and I actually got an extra hour of sleep!  I suppose I should explain these last couple of sentences a bit.

When I was a youngin' there was one room in our house that creeped me out because I thought The Boogeyman lived there.  That room was our laundry room in the basement.  I don't know why, I'm sure there is some repressed memory that made it that way, but for whatever reason, whenever I had to go downstairs, I had to turn on all of the lights so I wouldn't be afraid of what might jump out of the laundry room.  Even as I got older, and more rational that there wasn't actually a boogeyman living in the laundry room, every time I would walk down the stairs to the basement, and even today, I couldn't help but remember how the laundry room spooked me out.  But this past weekend I won!  While at home I slept in the basement, in the dark, and no boogeyman attacked me, even in a completely dark basement, and I am confident that the next time I go home, and down those basement stairs, I am sure I will still wonder if The Boogeyman still lives in the laundry room, and that he has now just grown into a slacker in his boogeyman ways.

The Boogeyman aside, and being at home in the old country, I didn't take pictures again because, well, sometimes I'm a slacker, and for this weekend I was a slacker.  I wanted to do a blog or two but didn't, was going to do a podcast but am using the excuse that since neither my sister nor my niece wanted to do one, well, I didn't, and in some simple honesty, it was nice to just get away and watch some baseball, and I don't think those podcasts would have proved that productive because I would have just made fun of my sister or flipped-off my niece again.  I'm such a bizarre brother and Uncle.  I was also going to try to do a movie review about "Click," but didn't.  I saw the movie and give it 1 1/2 stars out of 5, but that review will wait.

And my drive back to my country was actually uneventful for a change.  Getting out of Ohio still showed that those folks don't know how to drive on a three-lane highway with a speed limit of 65, I am liking Indiana with their speed limit of 70 (those people seem to know how to drive it, even with two lanes), and in Ohio, near Toledo, this spot (the picture to the right) always, and on every trip back and forth, somehow brings my spirit up.  For the last bunch of trips I have kept trying to get a picture of this shed with my cell phone, and this time I finally got one, and for the life of me, I'm really surprised I got it.  It came up quick, I said to myself "Shit, here comes the 'Smiley Face' shed!"  I pulled my camera phone out of my pocket, set it up, and luckily snapped this picture, which I haven't been able to do before.  The rest of the pictures I tried to take on my way back to my dude-pad came out lousy, but for some reason the "Smiley" picture worked.  Weird how things happen like this sometimes.

So, I officially made it back to my Chicagoland pad.  The 4th of July Weekend is coming up for all of us, in whatever way for you, and me.  Me, I've got to deal with Ozzie Guillen and White Sox, Dusty Baker and his issues with Cubs, and keep betting with my Mom and the Indians.  I would like to get together with Stu to do a podcast, but if not, one should be coming tomorrow night.  My Dixie Chicks CD review is almost done, I am psyched about "Superman Returns" (but torn on where to see it first), and if I do write a review of "Click," spoilers will abound because the movie just pissed me off.

As much as it was good to be back home in the old country, and I sort of felt bad for flipping off my niece, but I'm claiming "Road Rage Syndrome," it is good to be back in my normal country.  I'm thinking one more night in the basement and The Boogeyman would have figured out I was down there.  I can think of nothing worse than a 39 year old screaming up the basement stairs that "The Boogeyman" is coming to get me.  Oh wait, I can think of something worse, and that is why my sister is a champion.

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!

Posted by Rightdude at June 26, 2006 7:12 PM


What? For a change I called you a "Champion." Can't you just bask in your glory? Why the vengenfullness when I was just giving you your props?

Your Brother, The Dude on the Right.

Posted by: The Dude on the Right at June 30, 2006 7:28 PM

Just wait dear brother..... I will get you for this. :)))

Posted by: sister at June 30, 2006 5:33 PM

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