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Movie Stats & Links

Starring: Michael Keaton, Andi McDowell
MPAA Rated: PG-13
Kiddie Movie: Nothing in poor taste here. Sure.
Date Movie: Wheeze seemed to think so.
Gratuitous Sex: I wish. Seeing Andi naked happens to be a fantasy of mine.
Gratuitous Violence: No.
Action: Not really.
Laughs: It's pretty funny.
Memorable Scene: Tons. But I like the way #3 delivered pizzas, and the clones having to apologize for sleeping with Andi.
Memorable Quote: Anything clone #3 says.
Directed By: Harold Ramis

Primal Fear
Movie Stats & Links

Starring: Richard Gere
MPAA Rated: R
Kiddie Movie: Mature subject matter here so I don't think so.
Date Movie: Chicks seem to like Gere so I'll say "Yes."
Gratuitous Sex: There is a good titty scene where the bishop directs an alter girl and two alter boys to "take him in your mouth" and "take her from behind" all the while he's spanking it. Staunch Catholics may want to avoid this movie.
Gratuitous Violence: Gee... A bishop being slashed to death with a knife? Do you think?
Action: If you're an idiot and cannot predict this movie you may actually find it suspenseful. I'd see a doctor about that.
Laughs: I don't think so.
Memorable Scene: It should have been in the end when Vail realizes he's been duped, but I saw that coming a mile away.
Memorable Quote: Again, the final scene should have been the most impacting, but for me it wasn't.

Multiplicity and Primal Fear
A Movie/DVD Review


A Review by
The Dude on the Right
Oh boy! What luck!!!
What do you do when the girl you've had a thing for since college calls you up and says "My husband is out of town and me and Ms. Kitty are coming over at nine with a pizza"? If you're me you call up your buddy Wheeze, tell him to get out of work early, get two bottles of wine, and pick up a couple of videos. Such was the case for me recently. What luck!!! So what happened? We'll talk about that later. For now I want to tell you about the movies we watched that evening.

What do you do when you work for an overly demanding asshole, your wife wants to work, and you have two kids not old enough to take care of themselves. If your lucky, like Michael Keaton, you bump into a genetic scientist who offers to clone you. Think about it. How much could you get done if there were two of you? You'd jump at the opportunity too (I know I would, but would woman kind be able to handle two of me?). Now that Mike has his clone who has taken on a work-a-holic and sexist pig attitude, he decides to go out and enjoy life and do all those things in life you never got the chance to do. Things like going sailing or playing golf. The only problem is that while the original Mike is out having fun clone #1 has too much to do at work and no time for the family. No problem, just make another clone. Thus #2, with more feminine qualities, is born. Things should be great with three people trying to get the job done, right? Wrong, There's still too much to be done so #1 and #2 decide to get their own clone to help out. The only problem is that #3 is a copy of a copy. If you've ever made a copy of a copy on the ol' copy at work, you'll know it ain't too sharp. Well, neither is #3.

Imagine - There are four of the same person living in the same household. How do you keep that a secret from your wife, neighbors, and boss? There in lies most of the jokes in this movie. That and the fact that each clone seems to have distinctive and sometimes conflicting personalities. This movie is not all about comedy, it also tries to teach us the lesson of "the grass isn't always greener on the other side."

"Multiplicity" stars Michael Keaton and Andi McDowel, was written and directed by Harold Ramis, and is rated PG-13. I liked this movie. It was a good date flick. I give "Multiplicty" four out of five stars.

"Primal Fear"
A bishop is brutally murdered; An alter boy flees the scene covered in blood; He is pursued by the police as a news helicopter broadcasts the action live; The alter boy is accused of the murder. So, is he innocent? I'd think not, but attorney Martin Vail (played by the alleged gerbil abuser Richard Gere) thinks he is. So how does one prove the innocence of the accused when the evidence seems so obvious (ask Johnny Cochran).

Sound like a great beginning to a great movie, right? The people I watched it with thought it was OK, but for me... This movie was one of the most predictable movies I've ever seen. Seriously, this movie was nothing but a "Hollywood paint by the numbers re-hash of old shit." I usually don't like to give too much away or spoil the endings of movies, but... The kid did it because he was sexually abused by the bishop, Vail got the kid off and in a mental institution because the kid had a split personality, which, at the very end, you find out he faked. End of story.

I thought "Primal Fear" was a waste of $3 and 2:06 minutes. I don't recommend this R rated movie., but my friends seemed to think it was OK and there was a titty scene so I'll give it two out of five stars.

So much for luck...
So how did the night end? The pizza was great, the wine did its job, Wheeze disappeared with Miss Kitty, and I got to hear about all my friends emotional problems. Not exactly what I had in mind. Oh well, so much for luck ...


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