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Home for the Holidays
Movie Stats & Links

Starring: Holly Hunter (babe!), Robert Downey Jr., Anne Bancroft
MPAA Rated: PG
Kiddie Movie: Sure, if you want to put them to sleep.
Date Movie: Sure, if you want to put him/her to sleep.
Gratuitous Sex: Would I really give only 1.5 stars to a movie with gratuitous sex?
Gratuitous Violence: See Gratuitous Sex and substitute the word sex with violence.
Action: Hardly.
Laughs: Actually... a few.
Memorable Scene: While Robert Downey Jr. is cutting the turkey he flips it off the plate into his sister's lap.
Memorable Quote: "The End"

Home for the Holidays
A Movie/DVD Review


Rated - PG-13

It's 1:43 Long

A Review by
Stu Gotz
"Home For The Holidays" is a movie about dysfunctional families during the holidays. Dysfunctional families are sad. Holidays are boring. This movie is both boring and sad.

That being the case, I really don't have much to say about it. If it were not for Holly Hunter, I wouldn't have made it past the first thirty minutes. Chalk up strike number two for director Jodie Foster. Strike one was Little Man Tate, another sad boring movie. I think Jodie was trying to make an intellectual movie with a little humor thrown in.

Hey, I'm a smart guy. I grew up near a college. I drink Latte's. I can do intellectual stuff. I just can't do this movie, and I don't think it's funny or smart. About the only good thing is the movie does do a good job of showing how much holiday get-togethers can suck. Come on, lets be honest, does anyone really like the family dinners during the holidays? There's always too much food, if you bring a date your siblings share stories about the time you shit your pants, an aunt or uncle gets drunk and pisses you off, and mom tries to pawn off the leftover's.

It's bad enough people have to live through this, people shouldn't have to pay to see this. Maybe if Jodie tried not to be so emotional with this movie and stuck with making it into a parody of the holidays it would have been better. She wouldn't have had to have gone overboard and made it into A Griswold Thanksgiving... though I would like to see that movie!

Next time you're at the video store looking over the new release section and you see a ton of "Home For The Holidays" videos on the shelves, know that there is a good reason for that! The movie isn't worth your hard earned couple of  bucks. I give "Home For The Holidays" 1 1/2 out of 5 stars.


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