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National Lampoon's
Stoned Age
Movie Stats & Links

Starring: Adam Rifkin, Ali Larter, Hayes MacArthur, David Carradine, Talia Shire, Carol Alt, Gary Busey
MPAA Rated: Unrated
Released By: Paramount Home Entertainment
Kiddie Movie: Only if you're giving them a subscription to Playboy at age 5.
Date Movie: Umm, nope.
Gratuitous Sex: Lots of boobs, talk, and dudettes getting hit over the head with a club.
Gratuitous Violence: Slapstick
Action: Some chasing but it's supposed to be hurorous.
Laughs: I didn't, except at the one deleted scene in the extras.
Memorable Scene: The "Amazon Babes" chapter, and the deleted scene.
Memorable Quote: "I died only ever having sex with a monkey."
Directed By: Adam Rifkin

Cool Things About the DVD

Learn French! Okay, no French, but you can do some Spanish and English translating.
Buy a New TV! Not really worth it to see this movie.
Buy a New Stereo! Not necessary.
Anything Else! Not really a movie I think is worthy of the National Lampoon label expect for that deleted scene.

National Lampoon's
Stoned Age

A Movie/DVD Review


DVD Rated - Unrated

It's 1:28 Long

A Review by
The Dude on the Right
As I was looking at the credits for “National Lampoon’s Stoned Age” I found myself saying to myself “Self, well that’s an odd mix of people,” because the list included the likes of Talia Shire, Gary Busey, Carol Alt, David Carradine, and Ali “The girl from ‘Heroes’” Larter.  Sadly that thought, and the deleted scene were about the only two things I actually found interesting about the movie.

Let’s start with the story…

Ishbo (Alan Rifkin) is an intellectual and inventor in the time of the Neanderthals. While he invents pants and visors, his brother and the rest of the tribe are, well, Neanderthals, as we non-Neanderthals might parody them, doing a lot of grunting, hunting, and having sex by clubbing the women on the head and dragging them back to their caves.  Ishbo is also in love with Fardart (Ali Larter), only his brother, Thudnik (Hayes MacArthur) has the upper hand over Ishbo, and Ishbo is also too chicken to club Fardart over the head.

Okay, you know what, that’s about enough of a synopsis because really the story is kind of stupid and it appears the only reason for the movie is to make a bad parody of the Neanderthal age, complete with “overdubbed” speaking because, well, Neanderthals don’t speak English (even though Ishbo wears glasses), and to have an excuse to show a lot of gratuitous nudity, although the only nudity we really want in this movie would be for Ali Larter to bear it all, and sadly, she doesn’t.

Maybe it’s not just my kind of comedy, but I’m only going to give “National Lampoon’s Stoned Age” 1 star out of 5, and that’s only for the nudity.  And, oh yea, I’m still wondering what is wrong with my DVD player because the DVD says there are “Deleted Scenes” of which I could only find one (but thank God I watched it because I found it the funniest thing on the DVD), and I found it odd that the only “Bloopers” involved Ishbo and the really old dude.  The DVD does have a bunch more features like Photo Shoots for Penthouse and Maxim, some Q&A stuff with Alan Rifkin (he also directed the movie), etc., but my recommendation is really the deleted scene.

I’m sure this movie has an audience, sadly I’m not it. Get the DVD at your own understanding of watching the trailer.

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!


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