Are You a Fan of “Duck Dynasty?”

So the other day I ask around, “What day is it?” Yes, it was a Wednesday, and I’m a fan of the camel on the Geico commercial, and most people responded with exactly what I was looking for, “Hump day!” I say most because one person didn’t want to play along with my “talking camel appreciation” so they posted about it not being Friday, and that it was also “Duck Dynasty” day. Other than seeing merchandising in the store, seeing the family on some country music special the other day, spotting their books on the New York Times Best Sellers list, and somehow not going by a day without hearing something about “Duck Dynasty,” I must admit I have never seen the show, nor did I know it was “Duck Dynasty” Day.

But it seems a lot of people did. 11.8 million people as a matter of fact.

Sure, 11.8 million sounds like a lot of people, and for cable it’s huge, heck, for TV it’s pretty big I suppose, the largest audience ever for a cable reality show, or I guess non-fiction series if we want to be specific, and then the article gets into a lot of demographic info saying how it’s almost bigger than the old “John and Kate” show in one age group, and it’s now bigger than “Trading Spaces” (I must admit I was a huge Spaces fan, up until they started re-tooling it, but what else is new?) in another age group. The scary part is that this group of Duck people, well, they would probably be eclipsing the latest “American Idol” ratings if the show was on normal TV as I’m sure there are people who would love to check it out, but couldn’t find A&E on their cable system if they wanted to.

I won’t be watching “Duck Dynasty” anytime soon, not that I’m not interested, but it just doesn’t fit into my viewing schedule right now. I do wonder, though, and I plight: Are you a fan of “Duck Dynasty?”

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!