Do You Know What Time You Were Born?

Here it is, my first daily plight. Okay. It’s not really my first daily plight, I used to do this feature years ago in the early days of Entertainment Ave!, but then it slowly slid into a “weekly plight,” and then into a “when I get around to it” plight, and then it was replaced by, oh, well, it just stopped, which begs the question, “Why is it back?” I’m not totally sure, especially since, if it goes as planned, it means coming up with 365 plights during the next year, but as I was able to come up with a word of the day for a year, to the sometimes confusion of my Facebook friends, I decided “What the hell? Give it a shot!”

The format is simple – I’ll post some kind of question every day and you can vote if you want to, read what inspired my plight if you want to, comment if you want to, or just ignore it, but I hope you come back for a new plight the next day because, well, it’s a daily plight!  Simple enough, right?

Now as I’m still testing this thing, seeing if the plight form works correctly, and also if I like the formatting of it all, and rather than just blow things out of the box with something like “Will Tom Morello influence your vote for President?”, I thought I would keep the topic a little lighter until I’ve got things set, and what better way than with a plight based on one I posted back in April of 2000, when I was asked a simple question that I thought I knew the answer to – What time were you born? I thought I knew, figured it would be on my birth certificate, but much to my surprise the time wasn’t on it, just the date. As I pondered how to find out the answer, another question popped into my head – At what point during birth determines what time you are born?

Birth is a complicated enough thing, not that I’ve experienced it first-hand, other than my own which I don’t really remember, but I wondered when it is official in terms of what time you are born. Is it when the entire body is out, or maybe when the head comes out? And what about if you are a c-section baby, what time are you born then? I suppose the way I would determine it would be to say it is when your umbilical cord is cut, but what do I know, I’m not a doctor, and if I were a doctor, do I get to make up my own rule or is there some guideline in the doctor’s rulebook that says something like “When the baby pops out all of the way and isn’t touching mom anymore, or when you get the baby out of the womb by c-section, that is the time the baby is born.” Even if it is the umbilical cord thing, what’s to say that, in order to be the first baby born in the New Year, couldn’t the woman say something like “Hey Doc, can you wait thirty seconds to cut that cord – I want to be on the news!” Sure, I could search the internet, but what fun would that be, and that still won’t solve my underlying dilemma – I’m not sure what time I was born, other than between the hours of 4 and 5 in the morning, or so said my mom. And that’s what leads me to my re-inaugural daily plight: Do you know what time you were born?

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!