Will We Hear Another Song from The Chainsmokers?

Will We Hear Another Song from The Chainsmokers?

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The other day I’m doing some channel-hopping on the Dude-mobile radio, and I land on some relaxing Eminem with Rihanna. I’m singing along, nailing the Rihanna parts, the song finishes, and on comes a new beat I’ve never heard before. I quickly look at the display on the radio, and it says the song is called #selfie. Basically it’s a dance beat with some girl talking about being at a club, but mostly talking about taking another “selfie.” You know a selfie, those generally dorky pictures of yourself with or without some friends, taken with your camera-phone, which we can now count on to go away quickly thanks to the old folks at the Academy Awards trying to be hip and ruining another thing the youngin’s enjoy.

Anyhow, the song plays along, with the girl,¬†Alexis Killacam, speaking in rapid, broken-thought, rambling commentary about club-going, some dude named Jason, but mostly how she is going to post another lovely photo of herself to the internet where, and she’s not commenting on this, but you know five years from now, when she is looking for a job, she will have forgotten about her long-forgotten Instagram account, because, really, who will be using Instagram in five years, and her potential employer will see these wonderful photos and not hire her.

Fine, I’m coming up with my own story for this girl, back to The Chainsmokers.

In my in-depth analysis of The Chainsmokers, I’ve come to find they are a DJ due from New York City, one of the born the year I graduated from high school (Ugh!) who came up with the song on a lark. They wanted to spotlight the conversations they would hear in a club, and sure, capitalize on the term “selfie.” Smart dudes.

The song is kind of funny, is going viral, of course, and my guess will go away in about a month. As much as this song will be gone, it’s still kind of difficult for DJ’s to break into the world of the mainstream, so I’m wondering: Will we hear another song from The Chainsmokers?