Are You a Speakerphone Person?

Are you a speakerphone person?

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Let me come right out and say that I’m not a speakerphone kind of guy. I don’t like using them, I don’t like being on the receiving end where the other person is on a speakerphone, and I guess this may translate poorly into the future when video phone calls might end up being a norm (which will suck even worse). Sure, I know in the car we are all supposed to be hands-free, which is supposedly better for safety (don’t even get me started on this rant), and I do my best to use my car’s speakerphone, but in the end I always find the calls disjointed, they never seem to be that clear, and the other day, when I was in an office, someone in a cubicle was on a speakerphone and it was just annoying as the speakerphone person always seem to think they need to talk a little louder, thereby annoying those around them, while the person on the other end probably forgets they are on the other side of the speakerphone, thereby their side of the conversation is being broadcast to the rest of this dude’s office.

Me, I prefer the old handset to the ear kind of thing, although the old days were a little easier when you could cradle the handset between your ear and your shoulder thus giving you handsfree-ness that still sounded great. With phones so small and thin this process has become increasingly difficult until we evolve as a species with our heads at 90 degree angles, or the phones implanted into our ears, so until then I guess we have to live with a crooked neck, or the speakerphone.

Remember if you are on the other side of a speakerphone call that you don’t know who might be listening, and I plight: Are you a speakerphone person?

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!