Are you a fan of the TV show “Survivor?”

It’s the 25th season for “Survivor.” Yes, I know that doesn’t mean it’s been on 25 years as it’s doubled-up through the TV years, but the first season was in 2000 with the one person most people can probably name from “Survivor,” Richard Hatch. I’ve been there since Season 1, Episode 1, and although some seasons were lamer than others, I’m still fascinated by the game dynamic and from the onset of this season’s premiere, set in the Philippines, I’m sucked right back in. Zane goes down as another “first person voted off,” you know, those people you will never remember were on “Survivor,” and who am I kidding, unless you a huge fan, you pretty much don’t remember anyone who was on the show, except maybe that girl who is on “The View” along with the dude who didn’t pay his taxes (Yes,¬†Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Richard Hatch).

They have tried to shake things up through the years with your “fan-favorites” type episodes, occasionally bringing back heroes or villains, and this season brings back a few of those who had to leave the show because of various reasons, like Michael who is the dude who fell in the fire, but for the most part it’s about the group of new people trying to figure out a way to win the million dollars, which I think is now too low of a prize and should be upped to about five million if they really want to bring out the competitive streak in most people.

In any case, I’m back into the show. Zane was seeming like a smart player all until his strategy went a little too far, telling the other band-mates he thought Russell might have an immunity idol, and thus it turned Zane being ousted, and another season of “Survivor” set on my DVR for weekly viewing. And so I plight: Are you a fan of the TV show “Survivor?”

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!! ¬†L8R!!!