Did You Get a Flu Shot Yet?

Over the weekend I got myself a flu shot. I won’t get started about how messed up the health industry is when the lady said that in order to submit getting the shot to my insurance that it was $50, but if we paid upfront it was only $20, so I’ll just get to the actual getting of the shot itself. For years, well, for 43 years, I had never gotten a flu shot. I guess I tend to go on the theory of trying not to keep my hands near my face, washing my hands a lot, and is it really good to put a dead virus inside my body on purpose, but last year during a routine visit to my doctor, she recommended getting the shot, that the flu was going to be bad, and that protection wasn’t a bad idea. Of course last year when I got the shot it turned out to be a pretty lame flu season, and they said the shot didn’t do much good anyway. Alas, this year they say the flu season sucks and that the shot actually works in keeping it at bay, so there I was, rolling up my sleeve and not passing out.

I’ll still be trying to wash my hands a lot, keep my hands aways from my face, and cross my fingers that the flu stays away, but in any case I plight: Did you get a flu shot yet?

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

Are You Planning on Getting a Flu Shot This Year?

Last year I visited my doctor for what I thought was gout but turned out to be a partially torn ligament as well as Osteochondral Injury of the Talus (a.k.a. Ankle OCD), but while there, she also convinced me to get a flu shot. I had read, and she reiterated, that it was supposed to be a horrible flu season and sometimes it’s better safe than sorry. The thing is that I had never gotten a flu shot before, never really had the flu (I’m told you know if you have the flu, rather than a cold, although most people say they have the flu and only have a cold), and as I’m in okay shape and not old, yet, I always skipped getting one mostly out of fear because I would hear of people who had reactions to the flu vaccines. As my doctor and I discussed it, I decided “What the hell?”, rolled up my sleeve, tossed the “bad reaction” dice, and got the shot. All was well, I didn’t have any strange reactions nor get some kind of “phantom” flu, but wouldn’t you know it, it turned out to be a not-so-horrible flu season, there were no stories of a massive flu outbreak, and when all was said and done I questioned my decision and wondered why I got a flu shot.

As flu season is started to creep upon us I’m starting to see commercials for flu shots, or at least I just saw a commercial for a flu shot with this tiny needle so that it doesn’t hurt, and the thoughts of “Should I get a flu shot?” are starting to creep back again. I mean, maybe I didn’t get the flu last year because I had the vaccine, or maybe it’s just because I didn’t get near the influenza virus. Also, I didn’t have a reaction, so I suppose getting the vaccine wouldn’t hurt, especially if I get one with that new shot that’s out there, and maybe I’ll feel a little safer shaking hands with people this winter. And so I plight: Are you planning on getting a flu shot this year?

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!