Is it wrong to drive a Ferrari with a Honda license plate holder?

The other day I’m driving along and a few cars in front of me there’s a Ferrari. You don’t always see them around these parts as much as a Ford or Chrysler, but occasionally they pop up, and me, well, I will do my best to see if I can see who is driving it. I mean it’s got to be someone famous or rich, right? I don’t go crazy trying to catch up to the Ferrari, after all I’m driving one of those said “Fords,” and I have a pretty good feeling the Ferrari would leave me in the dust if I were to challenge it, however, as traffic would have it, I found myself behind the sports car, a lovely, red machine, and although I couldn’t see inside the driver’s side, yet, the next thing I figured I’d check is if the person had a personalized license plate. Nope, just a standard Illinois plate number, but then it caught my eye, the license plate holder.  A quick Google search shows that there are plenty of holders for the fancy car, most that just say “Ferrari” on them (Like we couldn’t figure out what kind of car it was?), and some with the Ferrari logo. And sure, there is the cute one that says “My Ferrari is in the shop!”, but as I was now mesmerized with the license plate holder on this car I couldn’t help but wonder in what world it was correct to be driving a Ferrari with a Honda license plate holder on the back, and I also wondered how the owner would let that happen. I suppose maybe he bought it from a Honda dealership, or maybe it was the owner of the Honda dealership, but in any case I just thought it was wrong.

Me, I’ve got a nice license plate holder promoting my website, a gift from my wife if I do happily say so, and many people will have car dealer plate holders from their dealer, but in the end, for this, fancy “look at me” car, I’ve got to plight: Is it wrong to drive a Ferrari with a Honda license plate holder?