Do You Have a Digital Picture Frame?

Do You Have a Digital Picture Frame?

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Fine, here’s my answer. Yes. I have a digital picture frame. It was a gift from my wife, one to help me get a boatload of concert pictures off of a cluttered wall, and two, because it was an awesome gift for someone like me who took boatloads of pictures that, like many folks, have them just in boxes or stored digitally for no one, not even me, to see. It’s a nice one, larger than most, from Kodak, and used to have a feature to connect to some Kodak website that you could store your pictures on, a site, of course, no longer supported. But the frame still lets you connect wirelessly to a computer, or use a media card to store pictures on, and will display them.

Like many a digital picture frame, though, I should probably update the pictures on it as right now it’s still all of our wedding pictures and a few other ones I like. Not that it’s not an important date, short of my birth it ranks up there as number two. Aw, hell, it’s number one as I don’t remember being born. In any case, I’ve taken more pictures since then, have been archiving older pictures, and should probably do a media card update, just to get some new stuff for me to see.

I do know a few people who do the scrapbook thing, but in this day and age of taking pictures everywhere with your phone, I wonder: Do you have a digital picture frame?

That’s it for this one! I’m Andy!! L8R!!!

P.S. Yes, in that picture, it’s me, as a young lad, in front of a TV, with the Johnny Cash show on.