Have You Been in the Front Row at Your Favorite Concert?

Have you been in the front row at your favorite concert?

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Posting all of my concert photos on Flickr got me to thinking how lucky I was, for at least three songs at a time, to be in the front row at concerts. Having seen quite a few shows, it was generally pretty cool to be up there, right at the foot of the stage, as the lights would go down and the band or singer would come out. The crowd would go crazy with the mosh-pit type shows being the craziest as body-surfers would generally find their way over the barrier, sometimes kick you in the head, and be escorted back into the crowd, although even some of the the “calmer” shows still had their version of crazy fan.

I do remember a time, though, when we actually scored front-row tickets, back in those days when you didn’t have to rely on scalpers, and it was for AC/DC, where I impressingly remember the security dude telling all of us in the first four or five rows that we could jump up and down all we wanted, that we could generally have a great time, but if we even looked like we were going to rush the stage that they would take us out. Sure enough, a few rows back, someone made that move, and I’ll just say that the security dude wasn’t lying.

Having been lucky to have the best “seat” in the house for many shows, for about three songs at a time, today I wonder: Have you been in the front row at your favorite concert?

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