Should Led Zeppelin be Filed Under “L” or “Z”?

I didn’t watch Paul Ryan’s speech at the Republican National Convention, but as I was checking my Twitter feed while it was going on Phil Rosenthal (@phil_rosenthal) tweeted “Last time Zeppelin was mentioned at a GOP convention, it was an actual zeppelin.” to which @csupp replied and Phil retweeted “If Ryan’s playlist files Led Zeppelin under Z, he’s doing it wrong.” It was in response to Paul Ryan referencing the music on his iPod stating “My playlist starts with AC/DC and it ends with Zeppelin.”, which I suppose is correct if you reference Led Zeppelin as just Zeppelin, but then in my head I started obsessing over it. I checked my iPhone, and sure enough Led Zeppelin was filed under “L,” so I felt secure in my years of having a CD collection with my Zeppelin music filed under “L,” and then I wondered in my head “Maybe Paul Ryan doesn’t have any music after the letter “L”? But that can’t be right, I mean we know he likes Rage Against the Machine, but maybe he doesn’t include them on his iPod anymore after being put down by Tom Morello?

My obsession didn’t stop there. Nope, I then wondered “Who really is the first group on Mr. Ryan’s playlist?” Maybe he just didn’t want to seem soft and admit to an Abba song every once in a while, and then, of course, I obsessed “Since AC/DC is in all caps, does that make it come before Abba so he is right, anyway?” Then there is the truth about who the last group is on his iPod, I mean, it shouldn’t be Led Zeppelin, should it? Doesn’t the man have some ZZ Top, easily the last group on many a playlist, but maybe he’s a closet Zebrahead fan (that’s the second-to-last group on my playlist) and isn’t one for songs of sharp dressed men nor men with long beards, then I thought there was no way he was a Zebrahead fan, they of a catchy song called “Playmate of the Year.” And so, the important question to ask at the upcoming Ryan-Biden debate should be “Mr. Ryan, what really is the last group on your playlist?”, but for now I just have a plight: Should Led Zeppelin be filed under “L” or “Z”?

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!