Do you think of The Brady Bunch TV show when backing up your car?

It occurred to me the other day, when I was backing out of a parking space at the local grocery store, that just about every time I begin to back up I have a quick remembrance of an episode of The Brady Bunch. I guess the episode is called “The Fender Benders” and was originally from 1972, but I probably saw it a few years later in reruns. In the episode Carol is in a parking lot and has a little fender bender with another car. The guy in the other car fakes an injury and takes the Brady’s to court where we learn an important life lesson, that’s it’s important to tell the truth. Like many a Brady Bunch episode things aren’t going that well for America’s family, but just when things seem like a total loss, and Carol would be found guilty, Mike comes to the rescue by dropping a briefcase on the floor causing the “injured” man to turn his head, exposing the liar for what he was.

I guess we all have little triggers of things that cause I to remember parts of our childhood, and for me that can range from a song, to a Brady Bunch episode, to the proverbial “Schoolhouse Rock” short, but for this plight, think about it the next time you are backing out of a parking space and plight with me:┬áDo you think of The Brady Bunch TV show when backing up your car?

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!