Do You Regularly Fly Your Flag?

Different generations, I think, have their “date that will live in infamy” moment, that moment as a country when the horrific happens and everyone agrees that we will never forget, but the truth is that slowly, over the years, it gets forgotten, or maybe left behind would be a better term. I know this may not be the most popular of things to post on this September 11th anniversary, but I still think it’s true. The thing is that time does move on, and for many people living now, that horrific day for the many rest of us that occurred some 11 years ago is a only vague childhood memory, or not even a recollection. They don’t really remember where they were on that day, they may not have even been born, but that doesn’t mean that in the history of America it will be any less of a horrific day than many that have come before and were imbedded in the memories of those that remember it , with the easiest example being The Bombing of Pearl Harbor, but even though it is now listed as “Patriot Day” on the calendar, eventually the anniversary of September 11th will slowly change to just a date on the calendar.

Maybe it will stick around a little longer than Pearl Harbor Day because we watched it play out on TV, but as I related to someone on September 11, 2002, and she asked if we will always treat the day with the same respect as that first anniversary, I told her I saw the projection as this: That first year anniversary will be a solemn day for many, and for the next few years after there will be a little less about it every year. The 5th anniversary will get a decent bump in remembrance, but the big one will be the ten year. After that you’ll see the tributes fade as it becomes a story we will tell our children and grandchildren, reminding them to never forget, but they don’t remember. In fact, it’s the 11th Anniversary of “Never forget,” and granted it’s only 5AM, but in my quick look on the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune, and Drudge Report websites, the Sun-Times has a little blurb about about Memorial Services that are planned, and the Tribune and Drudge have forgotten. The WGN morning news had the story after 3 minutes talking about the Chicago Teacher’s strike.

Me, I’ll try to remember to put my flag out before I leave for work, but like many times I post on Facebook trying to remind people to fly their flag, I’ll run out the door, get half-way to work, and blurt out “Shit, I forgot to put out my flag.” Sometimes life gets in the way of remembering. And so, on this anniversary of September 11th, my plight is this: Do you regularly fly your flag?

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!