Do You Like Airports?

I believe I’m a weird person because I generally like airports. Maybe it’s because I like to walk around a lot, maybe it’s because I also like to just sit back and watch people go by, or maybe it’s because I generally like to get to an airport early enough that I’m not rushed to try to get to the gate, but I like airports. And give me the big airports, your O’Hare’s or Philly’s, someplace where there is a lot of different places to walk around, a lot to look at, and maybe even a good ending terminal where I can watch the airplanes head to the taxiways and see the runways as the planes are coming and going. Yup, don’t give me those small airports, with one terminal and maybe a little food stand, although I can even find myself enjoying those once in a while.

Fine, I suppose I should clarify my airport liking a bit by stating that mostly I like airports after the security area. Why? There is more to do. Also, what does bug me about airports is the inability to meet people I’m picking up at the gate. Sure, I know we haven’t been able to do this for years, all in the name of security, but there is something anti-climactic about greeting someone at the baggage claim, and also, in general, the fun things to do and see are all after the security line, however, there is still lots of good people watching by the baggage claim, although it’s sometimes tough to find a good place to sit.

So, it’s because I have the opportunity to go to an airport, although not in the manner I generally prefer (It’s just a drop off and a quick pick-up), and I plight: Do you like airports?

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!