Do Japanese Cherry Blossoms Smell Different than American Cherry Blossoms?

It all started as a question in my head when I saw the bottle of liquid soap in our kitchen. On its label it said “Japanese Cherry Blossom,” and I instantly wondered if Japanese cherry blossoms smelled different than American cherry blossoms. Fine, I’ll admit that I didn’t realize the history of the cherry blossom, let alone the cherry tree, at this time of this question, and assumed the United States pretty much had its own version of the cherry versus the Japanese version, and then I Googled “cherry blossom.” Low and behold I found that the majority of trees we know for their cherry blossoms originate in Japan, and that there are a few cherry tree varieties native to North America with Traverse City, Michigan calling itself the “Cherry Capital of the World,” yet how many of us are heading to Traverse City for their “Cherry Blossom” festival – nope, it’s the cherry blossom trees that cause flocks of people to descend to our Nation’s Capital.

I’m still a little confused and guess the main thing is there is a difference between the trees known for their cherry blossoms and trees known for their cherries, and so I plight: Do Japanese cherry blossoms smell different than American cherry blossoms?

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!