One Bag Gone

In a quest to be more healthy, at least I think it’s more healthy, for the past months I’ve eliminated most white sugar. Yup, no products with white flour, no pasta, limited fruit, no cookies, no ice cream, and for the hell of it, no beer, and a lot of looking at ingredients on products and putting it back on the shelf wondering why it needed sugar in the first place. However, on this quest, I allow myself one cheat day, a day to eat as much, or as little, of anything I want. Usually cheat day is Saturday, usually there are cookies, usually there is ice cream, and almost always there is beer.

Snyder of Berlin Cheese CurlsThe challenge, however, is defining “cheat day.” Normally I stick with the definition that cheat day begins after waking  and ends when going to bed, the basic cycle of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but then, for our latest weekend, my wife suggested a 24 hour cheat day, starting at about 7PM. This definition came about mostly because she had a craving for some cheese, then a craving for chocolate, then my reminding her that we had special chocolate that was about to expire, and then some cheese curls, and not just any cheese curls, but the best cheese curls in the entire universe from Snyder of Berlin, delivered to me by my sister and brother in law on a recent visit.

And so cheat day began with a bang at 7PM on a Friday because I am easily swayed, and I like cheese, chocolate, and Snyder of Berlin Baked Cheese Curls.

The cheese was tasty but kept to a small serving, there were only a few chocolates about to expire, so that wasn’t too bad, but then there were the cheese curls. Oh my God, how I miss those cheese curls. My wife opened the bag, had a few, but then the dude devouring began. These are the kind of cheese curls that if you just let them sit in there in your mouth for a little while, maybe with a sip of your favorite beverage, they melt, filling your taste buds with cheesy awesomeness in a bliss of a taste of heaven. While my wife was able to quickly satisfy her cheese curl fix, there was no stopping the madness in my world. With the bag within reach and not doing the smart thing at the start by pouring some in a bowl and putting away the rest of the bag, an unconscious response of reaching in the bag, letting a few melt in my mouth, and repeat, all while watching some dudes pitch a beer can chiller called “Beer Chiller,” and some weird vending machine called Vengo on Shark Tank, continued on. And on. And on. Until…

The bag of goodness was empty.

Holy shit, I just ate nearly an entire bag of Snyder of Berlin Baked Cheese Curls!

And. It. Was. Awesome!

My “normal” cheat day was then filled with bakery cookies, Girl Scout cookies, pizza, chips and dip, and yes, beer (Three Floyd’s makes a wonderful saison I found a few days before called Rabbid Rabbit, and I always love my Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron), not to mention a cannoli, and ice cream. And it didn’t end by 7PM.

Diets suck, eating healthy can be a challenge, but I love my cheat day, even it if it might sometimes last slightly longer than it should, might set back some of the gains made during the week, but this one last one, including Snyder of Berlin Baked Cheese Curls, brought across state lines by my sister, was awesome.

That’s it for this one! L8R!!