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Have you played Flappy Bird?

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Let me tell you a story. There once was a man, Dong Nguyen. He came up with a game. It was called “Flappy Bird.” It was a simple game, easily addictive, and the man was making, rumor has it, $50,000 a day. Said man didn’t like the fame, or infamy as some people might say, for creating a game supposedly responsible for marriage fights, lost time at work, bad grades, and being a cheesy game. Lots of people downloaded it, and yes, even I downloaded it, but even more surprising, while I was helping my mom-in-law with her iPhone, there it was, “Flappy Bird” on her phone – yup, it was viral, and yes, she was annoyed with its difficulty.

What is a man to do who doesn’t like the “fame.” He pulls the game from the app store, or course, and gets even more publicity.

And now what is a man to do who doesn’t like the “fame.” Well, the stories are going around, thanks to Mr. Nguyen’s own tweets, that he will be putting the game back in the app store, “but not soon.”

Alright, oddness of things as it is, and as a person who has a few apps in the app store who wishes to God they would make just $50 per day, and as a person who was kind of shocked to see the game on his mom-in-laws phone, I wonder: Have you played “Flappy Bird?”

That’s it for this one! I’m Andy!! L8R!!!