Have You Gone Somewhere to do Something You’re Not Supposed to Do?

Have You Gone Somewhere to do Something You're Not Supposed to Do?

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Wrigley FieldFine. I’ll admit what I’m wondering about is kind of weird today, but it was spurred on by a news report about the opening of the baseball season this week, specifically the Chicago White Sox as the Cubs aren’t in until Friday, April 4th for their home opener, while the Sox start at home today. Right now the White Sox seem to be the bearer of better opening day weather, hopefully in the 60’s but kind of cloudy, while the Cubs will have the traditionally cold, 43 degrees, but at least it’s not supposed to rain.

Sorry, I got a little distracted about the weather, back to the news report.

I’m watching the report and it’s your traditional kind of stuff how the weather should be fine, how hope springs anew for the team, how there are new food offerings at the ballpark, and then they show a clip of a police office detailing how there will be zero tolerance for alcohol on the street, how the police will be watching for drunks in the neighborhood, and how they’ll be on the lookout for “individuals coming down to do stuff they’re not supposed to.”

To me it just seemed like an odd statement, “individuals coming down to do stuff they’re not supposed to.” Isn’t that who the police are always supposed to be looking for? And what dictates “what you’re not supposed to do” at an opening day? So please, tell me if you would like to comment, what are some things you are supposed to do at an opening day so that I know what I’m now supposed to do?

As opening days go, or any event I suppose, there are probably a lot of things you didn’t intend to do, but I’m wondering, in attending an event, have you gone somewhere to do something you’re not supposed to do? And for that matter, what was it?

That’s it for this one! I’m Andy!! L8R!!!