Have You Ever “Vacuumed” a Couch?

Milo on his perch.

The other day I was doing some cleaning around the house! I’m such the dedicated house-husband sometimes! Okay, as I stop tooting my own horn, it wasn’t crazy stuff like dusting or cleaning the windows, just some basic bathroom cleaning, cleaning the fake, hardwood floors, and vacuuming. Like most men, I believe, cleaning around the house isn’t really my cup of tea, but sometimes it’s necessary to get done, and now that I’m married, it happens a little more regularly than it did before I will admit, and usually the floors ends up being my task, although this time I threw in the bathroom for good measure.

The vacuuming was progressing as normal, first the upstairs, then the stairs down to the first level, then the stairs down to the basement, a little in the basement, and then the area rug in the living room. As I’m finishing the area rug I notice some Milo hair on the couch. Milo has his favorite perch on the couch, it’s kind of his TV viewing spot, and also the spot from which he can survey all of his domain. So, at this point, I have a couple of options. Sure, I could just leave the hair on the couch, but that seemed even too lazy for me. Option 2 was to stop the vacuum cleaner, get the handheld vacuum with the attachments, unwrap the cord, vacuum the hair, wrap the cord back up, put the handheld vacuum away, and then continue vacuuming. But then there was option 3. I had a vacuum, albeit a little large, and I pray my wife doesn’t read this Daily Plight, or one of her relatives/friends tells her about this, but yes, I hoisted up the vacuum and proceeded to “vacuum” the couch with our upright vacuum. It seemed a little clunky, but I’ll tell you what, it got the job done, and I think it probably did a better job than the less-powerfull handheld!

As I finished “vacuuming” the couch, I figured this was probably a guy way of handling things, but in the end I just wondered, and so I plight: Have you ever “vacuumed” a couch?

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!