Do You Fold Your Underwear?

In keeping with my “things I think men do” theme that I sort of had with my “Have You Ever “Vacuumed” a Couch?” plight from the other day, this one is inspired by my wife who, the other day, upon emptying the dryer filled with some of my clothes, folded my underwear. She didn’t iron them, but there they were, nicely folded on the bed and ready to be nicely placed in their respective drawer. It was difficult for me putting them in the drawer neatly as I didn’t really want to dishevel them after she put so much work into the folding, so I gently put them in the drawer, thus preserving the neatness.

Here’s the thing. I never fold my underwear. It comes out of the dryer, I separate it from the socks, and then just shove it in the underwear drawer, squishing things around so they all fit, and I can close the drawer. Sometimes I’ll even rotate the underwear, taking the garments from the bottom out of the drawer, putting the freshly cleaned underwear not on the bottom, and put the ones that were now on the bottom on the top of the pile.

As things go, as I was putting the folded underwear in the drawer, I couldn’t help but think about the folding of underwear, and so I plight: Do you fold your underwear?

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!