Do You Button the Top Button When You Hang Up a Dress Shirt?

It’s funny to me how some things stick with me for all of my life. Buttoning my top bottom when I hang up my dress shirts is one of those things.

It started when I was young. I went to Catholic school, and like most had a slew of mostly white dress shirts in my closet. Now I’m not totally sure on this stage of things, however, I do know my mom did the laundry, but I think I was in charge of putting my clothes away when she was done, i.e., hanging shirts in the closet, putting things in the drawers, etc. I also had an Aunt Marcella Mattey, to us Aunt Marce. She was a business woman who at one time owned the Amherst Cinema in Amherst, Ohio with my Uncle John. She was also nit-picky about cleanliness. I know she would, at times, inspect my room, and it’d better be clean or else I would catch holy-hell for it. At one time, however, she looked in my closet and at this point in time I was probably like most kids who just threw my dress shirts on a hanger. She was not pleased. She pointed out that when I hang my dress shirts I should always button the top button. Why? To help keep the collar neat when you put the shirt on and don’t wear a tie. She pointed out that otherwise the collar flops down, and you don’t look prim and proper.

Ever since that day I, when I hang freshly washed dress shirts, I button the top button.

“What, in God’s name, made you think of this plight?” you may want to ask me. Well, the other day my wife hung up my dress shirts, and low and behold she is in the habit of buttoning the second button and not the top button. Further low and behold, I pulled out a shirt to put it on, and sure enough the collar flopped down and wasn’t neat. As I pointed out to her, the collar flops down like a woman’s collar, so I did my best to tactfully thank her for hanging my shirts, but tried to nicely point out that should she do it again, to please button the top button.

Funny, just about every time I go to hang my shirts, and button that top button, I think of my Aunt Marce, and thank her for doing her best to keep me neat and looking good. And maybe this is more of a plight for the men than the women, but: Do you button the top button when you hang up a dress shirt?

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!