Are You Ready for Autumn?

Sure, this is mostly a northern hemisphere question for all of my worldly readers, but as the weather is starting to shift here in Chicago, and we always seem to say that it’s been a weird this season or that season, as the sunny hours are getting shorter, the skies are getting grayer, and the weather goes from oodles of boob sweat or sweating your balls off, to “Where did I put my jacket?”, it’s the time of year when the summer folks are sad to see the warmth go, and the winter folks are happy because snow is right around the corner. Me, I enjoy the change of seasons, sometimes like a decent snow, and love the change of colors in the fall, so I guess it’s not too much of a stretch to say I’m looking forward to fall. I guess my only complaint is that the perfect time of year, you know, when he colors are at their peak, always seems to be too short. It’s kind of like winter when there is that one week that is perfect, or the summer when you get a decent stretch of not too hot, not too cold weather, or even the spring, when the flowers just start to bloom and it feels like, well spring in the air.

I guess what I’m really saying is that it’s almost too bad the year wasn’t four months long, with one perfect month for each season because, generally, it seems after about one month we would be ready for the next one. Instead we always get those in-between months, where it’s not quite in season, it’s not quite out of the season, and we are either in “I wish it were…” or “What happened to…?” mode.

In any case, before you know it the leaves will be off of the trees, people will complain about it being too cold, and I’ll be having a plight about if you are ready for spring. For now, though, I plight: Are you ready for Autumn?

That’s it for this plight!I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!