What’s New? A Podcast of: Merry Christmas, A Nasally Cold, A Parenting Book, Ringtones, and Shooting at Santa!

The Dude on the Right is still sporting a head cold for this podcast, but he powers through without mentioning the name “Jamie Lynn Spears.” Instead he mostly talks about Christmas and shooting at Santa. Also, since it’s the end of the year, those end of the year lists start popping up, with The Dude being surprised at how out of the loop he seems to be by not realizing the popularity of Shop Boyz and their hit “Party Like a Rock Star.” After hearing it, though, he might be adding the song to his exercise playlist. Sadly, though, it also means he may never hear it again.

What’s New? A Podcast of: Canada Better Watch Out, Journey’s Got a New Singer, and Grammy Award Nominees.

For this podcast The Dude on the Right talks a lot about music, although he begins by welcoming the International visitors to the website where the folks in Ireland are close to overtaking the fans in Canada. But back on the music side, The Dude explains who the new lead singer of Journey is and how it came about, which reminded him of the movie “Rock Star,” and continuing with the music theme, with “Hey There Delilah” getting nominated for a couple of Grammy Awards, The Dude is once again tormented and hates Delilah. But the Grammy nominations also lead him into a weird direction, wondering about obscure categories, and past Presidents of the United States of America vs. a maybe future President of the United States of America, all competing in a category of spoken word where it might be Oprah who decides who the Grammy goes to. It’s too bad The Grammy Awards are after the Iowa caucus!

Canada Better Watch Out, Journey’s Got a New Singer, and Grammy Award Nominees.


The Dude on the Right

As I’m flying solo for this podcast
, on the day before the day that will
live in infamy, I would like welcome our international readers and listeners
where my stats are showing that the folks in Ireland are close to overtaking our
fans in Canada, and our Australia visitors better watch out for the folks in
Argentina.  Don’t worry, U.S. readers, you’ve got the #1 spot pretty much
locked up for a while.

Also for this podcast, in the spirit of my interrupting
Stu Gotz while he was listening to the radio about the announcement, the band
Journey has a new lead singer, and you’re not going to believe who it is! 
To find out you’re just going to have to take some time and listen, especially,
since today, as of 4:50 PM, CST, the page 1 Google listings are wrong if you
search for "Lead singer of Journey."

And continuing with the music theme for
this podcast I had to resurrect my parody of "Hey There Delilah," simply titled

"I Hate Delilah,"
because The Plain White T’s version got nominated for a
couple of Grammy Awards.  And sure, I could have hipped you to some of the
more popular Gammy Nominations, but your not going to believe who was nominated
in the "Surround Sound Album" category.  Yup, you’ll just have to listen to
the podcast to find out.  And if you think a couple of past Presidents of
the United States of America or a person running for President have a chance in
the "Spoken Word Album" category, well, we’ll have to see if Oprah Winfrey puts
her support behind someone near and dear to her heart or someone she has helped
raise millions of dollars.  The Grammy’s have the chance to be even more
exciting than the Presidential race, especially in the "Banda Album" and "Choral
Performance" categories, unless, well, I suppose Mitt Romney shows us his
Mormon Underwear and Dennis Kucinich has photos of a UFO.

Thanks for listening!

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

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What’s New? A CD Review of “The Ultimate Hits” from Garth Brooks.

In preparation for his seeing Garth Brooks on November 14th, and then writing a concert review, The Dude on the Right thought he should get the latest Garth CD (with a bonus DVD of videos), titled “The Ultimate Hits.”> As he’s trying to get back into covering music again, he also thought he would review the thing, and he’s happy he has four new songs by Garth. Weirdly enough the DVD actually helped him like the new songs, although he liked the bonus song without a video. The Dude has his “Ultimate” hits for Garth, but most of them never made it to radio. Good thing Garth doesn’t look to The Dude for advice.

What’s New? A CD Review of “Exile on Mainstream” from Matchbox Twenty.

The Dude on the Right has one memory he tries to treasure, and that was interviewing Matchbox Twenty when they were matchbox 20, before they hit it big, and finally got a tour bus. But who in the hell gives a crap about that, what about their new CD, “Exile on Mainstream.” The Dude loved the fact that most of the boys got together to write and record the new songs and gives the fan six new songs, at probably the best ratio of “new songs” to “greatest hits” songs ever on a “Greatest Hits” compilation. Now he just hopes for a tour and a chance to interview them again, some 10+ years later, and wonders if Rob Thomas ever got the boys to go to an off-ramp to record some songs.

What’s New? A CD Review of “The Soft Addictions” from Michael Stanley.

For this CD review of “The Soft Addictions” from Michael Stanley, The Dude on the Right gets a little reflective about living in Chicago and sometimes hearing “Midwest Midnight” on “The Steve Dahl Show.” Then he reviews the CD and likes the fact that Michael Stanley has grown up and has maybe gotten a little more reflective about life. If you’ve grown up with Mr. Stanley you’ll probably like the CD, and if you don’t know who he is, well, you probably aren’t from Ohio or never saw the Michael Stanley Band open up for Foreigner, or Steve Dahl.

Dear The Mystery Dude and Tosh – Thank You for Springsteen!


The Dude on the Right

When I went for my walks over the past weekend I got to listen to something I
haven’t been able to in years, so I’ve got to give a big shout-out to a couple
of fraternity brothers, namely our own staff member The Mystery Dude as well as
another brother, Tosh. It all stems to, back in the day, when we had to walk
to school, both ways, in the snow, and how we used to copy music and share it
with our friends. That’s right, the time of that plastic thing called a

In any case, one of my favorite concert recordings of all time was
of Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band doing the 10th Anniversary Concert
for WMMS at The Agora in Cleveland. I don’t believe I heard the original
broadcast as I was eleven years old in 1978 when it aired and really don’t
remember much of anything when I was eleven except a crush on a girl in my
sister’s class, but I ended up with a copy of the show which I really can’t
remember how I got it, either. Maybe I recorded it off of the radio during a
re-broadcast, maybe I stole it from my brother, or maybe it was God, but it is
still one of my favoritist concert recordings of all time. Then, in college,
either I made a copy for The Mystery Dude, or he borrowed my tapes to make a
copy (The Mystery Dude is a Deadhead, so tape collecting of concerts comes
second nature to him), but, as the CD world started to proliferate into my life,
suddenly all of those cassettes found their way into a cardboard box; in fact, I
still know where they all are, yet they are never played now.

Continuing on – With the other Bruce concert recordings I have gotten over
the years, well, the box set of "Live/ 1975-1985" and some live stuff from
"Tracks," every time I heard one of those songs I yearned for listening to that
show from 1978 where Bruce explains that on the way to find God (during the song
"Growin’ Up") he bumps into Kid Leo (radio DJ extraordinaire from WMMS), who was
"Prayin’ for more watts. I gotta blast this baby all the way to New Jersey."
Bruce Springsteen, always the storyteller, but I left his storytelling from 1978
in my head and in a box of tapes, and I was too lazy to do anything about it.

But then, when a group of us got together to see "The Transformers" movie,
The Mystery Dude handed me a CD jewel case and there it was, a copy on some CD’s
of the copies of the cassettes of the Bruce Springsteen concert I had given him
over a decade ago. If I have the story correct, Tosh offered to convert The
Mystery Dude’s collection of cassettes to the digital age, and made his way to
the Springsteen copy. The Mystery Dude, being pretty cool, made a copy for me,
which I proceeded to burn to my hard drive and put on my iPhone, and there I
was, walking, being transported back years and years and years, and even though
not fully remembering the origins and passing on of my tapes of the Bruce
Springsteen concert, I was still knowing every word from the broadcast, from Kid
Leo’s opening of "And welcome, to the WMMS 10th Anniversary Concert.
I’m Kid Leo, and I have the, ah, duty and the pleasure of welcoming, ladies and
gentleman, the main event. Round for round, pound for pound, there ain’t no
finer band around. Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band!", to Bruce
explaining going to Utah and driving to Reno and seeing a house an Indian had
sculptered from stuff in the desert that had a picture of Geronimo with
"Landlord" over it, and a sign pointing down a dirt road that said "Thunder
Road," to Bruce explaining "fraternity rock," and the crowd understanding in its
loudest.  Damn, it was so good to hear that show again.

So, Mystery Dude and Tosh, I would like to thank you for bringing that
concert back into my life. And as I was listening, as I do every time I listen,
I still wonder who Jay Cox from Cincinnati is, and why is Bruce dedicating
"Darkness on the Edge of Town" to him?

Thinking about it, maybe I should give Tosh my box of old cassettes. I know
I’ve got a bootleg of a Meat Loaf concert in there, as well as maybe George
Thorogood, but I’m guessing The Mystery Dude was given copies of those as well,
so maybe one day I’ll relive those days. I suppose I could also get off of my
lazy ass, hook up the old tape deck, and dub them myself, the old fashioned way,
but then what would The Mystery Dude surprise me with the next time a bunch of
us get together to see a movie?

That’s it for this one! 
I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!

What’s New? A Podcast of: A Parody of “Hey There Delilah,” Baggy Pant Laws, and What’s Up With Rick Ankiel?

For this podcast The Dude on the Right worries about the humiliation ammunition he has just given his niece and nephew, and hell, the rest of the world, for his parody of “Hey There Delilah” from The Plain White T’s. He calls his song “I Hate Delilah,” and decided to do it a cappella since he’s lazy. Nice timing for him since he wrote this song after it has already hit its popularity peak. He also spouts about Eddie Griffin dropping the “N”-Bomb, is worried about his Chicago Cubs, and is troubled by towns making laws about wearing pants that show your butt-crack. And, oh yea, what was Rick Ankiel with the St. Louis Cardinals doing with HGH (Human Growth Hormone) a few years ago. We all want to know.

A Parody of “Hey There Delilah,” Baggy Pant Laws, and What’s Up With Rick Ankiel?


The Dude on the Right

Due to a weird week

this podcast
is being posted on a Saturday night, and as much as I am almost
proud of my parody song titled “I Hate Delilah,” obviously a take on “Hey
There Delilah
” by The Plain White T’s, I can’t help but wonder the
ammunition of humiliation my niece, nephew, and just about anyone else out there
in internet-land now have on me. If I ever run for Governor or President this
podcast might be the one to really come back and bite me in the ass. Ahhh, you
know what? So what! Chicken Butt! I’m just hoping this podcast will finally get
the songs out of my head.

In other podcast topics I wonder about Rick Ankiel of the St. Louis
Cardinals, also wonder if Eddie Griffin might have been set up at a Black
Enterprise Magazine event, and also wonder why towns are trying to put a stupid
law on their books by banning droopy pants – Plumbers be damned!

Thanks for listening.

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

And, oh yea. Go Cubs, Go Tribe, Go Bears, and Go Browns!

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Garth Brooks Probably Isn’t Touring, and I Missed Dreaming of Boobs.


The Dude on the Right

first I was going to blog about going to see the Chicago Cubs play yesterday,
how it was cool to see the flyovers because the Air & Water Show is in town, and
how my friends and I were actually on TV during the broadcast. But partially
since I haven’t been able to dub the video yet as proof we were on TV, but more
because I sort of feel duped, or at least stupid, so I thought I would write a
little about Garth Brooks.

You might be thinking something right now like
"Garth Brooks?  Isn’t he retired?" to which I would reply, "So I thought,"
but it started last night, when I finally got home from the Cubs’ game and
checked my Google homepage.  It has some links to RSS feeds I read, and one
was from the

Cleveland Plain Dealer
mentioning Garth preparing a comeback, "a new
three-disc album, and, quite possibly, a concert tour."  It mentioned a
press conference at
this morning.  So I go to the web site and sure
enough, there is a header stating "You’ve heard the rumors, now get the answers. 
Straight from Garth Brooks."

For whatever reason I totally bought into a
blurb, in a blog, from a newspaper in Cleveland, OH, and quickly posted an entry
at our sister-site,
rumoring about a tour.  Then I went to bed with
visions of Garth putting out an unprecedented release of new material, going
back on tour, and dragging our staff member Trash to

another concert and press conference
where she can stare at his butt.

I woke up this morning, didn’t get myself a gun, but I did do some more internet
searching wondering about this wondrous announcement.  I checked Billboard,
checked CMT, checked here and there and everywhere, but there didn’t seem to be
any "surprise" announcements.  And as my morning was progressing I had two
options:  Sit around and wait for Garth’s press conference, supposedly to
be carried online, at 11:45AM my time, or go and see
Thank God I went to see "Superbad."

After laughing a lot in the theater I got
back home, eager to see news of the press conference on the Garth Brooks web
site.  Nothing, it still just showed the announcement of a press conference
(figured they would at least have a replay link somewhere).  No headlines
on Yahoo, nothing new on Google, then I went to the
planetgarth.com site to
see if they had anything, but there wasn’t any new news on their homepage,
either.  I remembered they had a forum area, surely something has to be
listed there, and finally I found out that Garth Brooks squashed most of the
visions that were dancing in my head the night before.

Now, although the
Cleveland newspaper blog wasn’t exactly wrong, from what I have found out Garth
will be releasing a "box" set called "The Ultimate Hits" which will include 30
old songs you probably own, and four new songs, with the first single being
"More Than a Memory."  The box will also include a DVD featuring 33 videos
of the 34 songs in the box.  Garth said he doesn’t plan on touring but will
promoting the bejesus out of the thing, and from what most of the Planet Garth
posted said, Garth is looking hot as ever, looking to have lost a good deal of

With the news announcement, and being selfish I will put this out to

Dear Garth,
I know you are loving spending time with your daughters, and with Trisha, but if
you ever wanted to tour, and give your girls an experience of their lifetime,
you may not have a better time than now.  Right now your daughters are at
that age when you still have a little bit of control, and if you took them on
tour with you, especially with a double bill with Trisha, you could pull off
that world tour that lets them see the world, in ways they could never imagine,
all under the protective watch of their Dad.  They get to see the world, we
get to see, again, one of the greatest concert performers of all time, your
daughters get to spend your money buying lots of stuff around the world (oh,
wait, scratch that last remark), and they get introduced to some of the safer
ways to experience the world rather than finding out, in their late teens or
early twenties, their ways to experience the world.  Yes, this is sort of
selfish of me, because I would love to see you in concert again, but I’m just
throwing it out there for you, because unlike the McGraw kids, your daughters
are old enough to forever remember a tour with you.
The Dude on the Right

P.S.  I’ll still buy "The Ultimate Hits," because
I’m a fan, but damn, I miss you man.

And so, letter to Garth aside, I feel
bummed that I let myself get roped into the wind of internet rumor, about a
tour, and 30 new songs.  I should have done a little bit more internet
searching before going to bed last night so that visions of the girl with nice
boobs behind me at the Cubs’ game danced in my head rather than that vision of
Garth touring, but then again, at a Garth concert, there are lots of girls with
nice boobs.  Garth, please give me a three disc set of new material (I’ve
got some songs if you want) and a new tour, rather than a box set of old stuff,
and only four things that are new.  You know what, as I think about it,
never mind – I don’t have daughters and I don’t have a wife – I guess I can’t
understand.  Wait a minute, that’s a country song, and it’s mine, unless,
Garth, you want …

That’s it for this one! 
I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!