What’s New? A Movie Review of “Swing Vote.”

The Dude on the Right still hates people, but for

his review of "Swing Vote,"
he doesn’t explain why.  His hating people
has nothing to do with the movie itself (though somewhat about people coming to
see a movie), has nothing to do about voting, and in his own twisted way, The
Dude almost wishes he could be the vote to decide the President of The United
States because, well, he would also want to see the "War Room" on Air Force One,
find out if
President’s Secret Book"
is real, if there is a secret treasure underneath
Wall St., and, if The President had any chance of wanting to get his vote, The
Dude would want full access to Area 51, because, well, who wouldn’t?

All that said, The Dude can state, right now, that

"Swing Vote"
has the funniest/twisted/wrong fake "political commercial" he
has seen, that has made him laugh, is a long time, and even though he give it 4
stars out of 5, he still recommends that you just might want to save your money
and see it as a rental or on cable.  The crazy thing is that the "political
commercials" from the movie will still be topical for years to come, as always,
in the wrong way.