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Movie Kids? Date? Sex? Violence? Laughs? E-Ave! Rating
10 Things I Hate About You Nah. Sure. Talk. Not Really. Yea. 3 Stars
127 Hours – A Blu-ray Review Nah. Sure. Ehh. Ehh. Nope. 4 1/2 Stars
Amelia Ehh. Ehh. Nah. Nah. Nah. 1 1/2 Stars
Bambi – A Blu-ray Review Yup! Sure. Nope. Nah. Ehh. 4 1/2 Stars
Due Date Nah. Yup. Ehh. Nah. Tons. 3 1/2 Stars
Avatar Nah. Yup. Ehh. Yup. Ehh. 5 Stars
Family Guy: Something, Something, Something, Something, Dark Side Nah. Sure. Nah. Cartoon. Yup. 5 Stars
G-Force (Blu-ray review) YUP! Sure. Nah. Disney. Some. 3 1/2 Stars
Get Him to the Greek Eh? Eh? Nah. Some. Nah. 2 Stars
I Am Number Four NO! Sure. Lots. Nah. Tons. 4 1/2 Stars
The Kevin Smith Collection: Clerks, Chasing Amy, and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (Blu-ray Box Set) NO! Sure. Yup. Nah. Tons. 4 – 5 Stars (Sort of)
Movie Kids! Date? Sex? Violence? Laughs? E-Ave! Rating
Old Dogs (Blu-ray Review) YUP! Sure. Nah. Disney. Easy. 3 Stars
Pirate Radio (Blu-ray review) Nah. Ehh. Some. Nah. Dry. 2 1/2 Stars
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (Blu-ray Review) Older. Sure. Nah. Swords. Ehh. 3 Stars
The Princess and the Frog (Blu-ray Review) Girls. Sure. Nah. Disney. Kids. 3 Stars
The Proposal (Blu-ray Review) Nope. YUP! Naked. Nah. Yup. 3 1/2 Stars
Secretatiat (Blu-ray Review) Sure. Sure. Nope. Nah. Ehh. 4 Star
The Sound of Music (Blu-ray Review) Sure Sure. Nope. Nope. Some. 5 Stars
Tangled (A Blu-ray Review) Sure. Yea. Nah. Cartoon. Some 4 Stars
Tron: Legacy (Blu-ray Review) Sure. Sure. Nope. Some. Some. 3 1/2 Stars
Unstoppable Teen+. Yup!. Nope. Thrills. Ehh. 4 Stars
When in Rome Tween. Ehh. Nah. Nah. Nah. 1 Star
You Again Tween. Ehh. Nah. Nah. Ehh. 2 Stars
Zombieland Nah. Sure. Ehh. Fun. Lots. 5 Stars