What’s New? A Podcast of: Stock Market Woes, Movies I Won’t See, and Jillian Michaels’ Inspirations of the Week.

The Dude on the Right is just as flustered about the stock market as you might
be, but he just tries to make you remember the motto – "Buy low.  Sell
high."  Sure, his other tip is "Don’t pet a burning dog," but if the stock
market is nearing its low, you know what, ten years from now, unless the world
totally falls apart, your buying now will be flying high! 

Inspiration is a big topic of this podcast
, granted it might not have to
do with "South Park," or any of the movies opening this weekend, or if you are a
subscriber to "Rolling Stone" you now have batteries to properly dispose of, but
The Dude is now fascinated with
Jillian Michaels
from "The Biggest Loser," and introduces his new feature, "Jillian Michael’s
Inspirations of the Week."  Go ahead and add it to your iPod for some
inspiration just when you are thinking of quitting.