What’s New? More of the Dude’s CD’s: Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi, and The Nerds.

The Dude on the Right is still, and this will probably become a long “still,” trying to review, or at least give a quick review, of all of the CD’s he has. Two more are posted, both which he loves. One is from a band called The Nerds, a band he first saw at Joe Pops in New Jersey. That CD is “Poultry in Motion.” The other is “Stranger in This Town” from this dude named Richie Sambora. You might know his name if you pay attention to the tabloids, but you probably know him more from his playing guitar in Bon Jovi. Yea, he’s that dude.

The Dude on the Right would still love to see Richie Sambora, doing his stuff, at a small, blues bar, and he would probably even pay for it. So, Richie, if you do a solo jaunt, The Dude on the Right would love to review it.