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Starring: Mekhi Phifer, Josh Hartnett, Julia Stiles, Andrew Keegan, Martin Sheen
MPAA Rated: R
Released By: Lions Gate Films
Kiddie Movie: Leave them at home.  The dude who brought his little girls had 3 girls balling their eyes out.
Date Movie: It's a good drama/tragedy, but she might wonder if you're just playing her.
Gratuitous Sex: No real nudity but some pretty graphic sex scenes.
Gratuitous Violence: People get offed in the end.
Action: Not really - mostly a drama.
Laughs: Nah.
Memorable Scene: The ending sequence.
Memorable Quote: Coach dad says to son, Hugo, and it really sums up the movie: "You stay here and finish your supper."
Directed By: Tim Blake Nelson
Produced By: Eric Gitter, Anthony Rhulen, Daniel L. Fried

A Movie Review

MPAA Rated - R

It's 1:31 Long

A Review by
The Dude on the Right
I donít think I've ever read "Othello" so I wonít even try to put any comparisons between it and the movie "O", nor do I think it really needs any comparison because "O" stands on its own as a movie about the destructive power of jealousy and revenge in the hands of the wrong person.

The "O" in this movie is Odin (Mekhi Phifer). He's the only black student at a southern prep school where everyone loves him, alright, almost everyone. Sure, he has a nice personality, but itís really his basketball skills that most people love because Odinís gonna bring them a championship. Heís got the hot girlfriend in Desi (Julia Stiles) and Coach (Martin Sheen) loves him like a son. This doesnít sit well with Hugo (Josh Hartnett), who happens to be the coachís biological son, and really doesnít sit well when Odin spotlights Michael (Andrew Keegan), another teammate as the main reason the basketball team is doing so well. Yea, you guessed it, Hugo feels dissed because even though he doesnít do all of the scoring, heís the one grabbing the rebounds and setting up the picks so Odin can score. Whatís a vindictive prick to do? Well, of course you hit the dude where it hurts, starting with his girl. So Hugo begins this complex plan to get Odin jealous by making Odin think Michael and Desi are getting it on, and you know what happens when a dude think their girl is cheating on him Ė they get all crazy in the head and canít think straight, and this fall right into Hugoís plan as he works on totally destroying Odin, returning himself to the best loved son in his family.

But, as best laid plans sometimes go, well, Hugoís gets a little too complex and involves a few too many people. Sadly, though, this comes out a little too late as Hugoís ultimate plan to destroy Desi, Michael, and Odin ends in a few extra people getting killed.

"O" is a movie that doesnít try to get too complex and keeps things rolling quickly in a movie that clocks in at just over and hour and half. It doesnít get preachy, it just tells the story, and letís you see how conniving some people can actually be. Phifer is great as Odin, the kid who just gets played and in the end just wants people to know he was a good person, from a normal family, and really just wanted to lead a normal life. Stiles, even though this movie was shot a couple of years prior to its release, shows she has been coming into her own as an actress quickly, and Josh Hartnett is great as the kid we really hate because heís makes us believe his character is just a total prick on the inside.

"O" comes right to the point and shows that people can really be vindictive if they want to be, and how a personís trust can totally be used against them. It doesnít sugar-coat things, shows the damage that can be done, and in the end does it in a violent way. But, sadly, thatís usually the way it ends up being done.

As supposedly shocking as "O" is supposed to be it really just tells how things sometimes are and without stretching the movie to epic lengths. If you want a good drama/tragedy, go see "O", even pay full price for it. If youíre looking for the feel-good movie of the year, this definitely isnít it. Itís 4 stars out of 5 for "O".

Thatís it for this one! Iím The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!


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