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October 7, 2007

I Can't Believe I Overslept.

By: The Dude on the Right
Well, if you are a reader of my Entertainment Ave! blog, as well as my MySpace blog, you will probably notice that this blog post is the same in both locations.  I figured since I usually keep my MySpace blog to my many exercising and eating healthy dilemmas, while the Entertainment Ave! blog is usually about everything else, and since this blog post sort of encompasses both, I would be lazy and just post it in both places.  Sorry for my laziness.

Anyway, maybe it was because I was so beaten down by the trouncing the Chicago Cubs took yesterday, or maybe it was because I shouldn't have gotten sucked into watching "Independence Day" on cable last night, but this morning I overslept and missed The Chicago Marathon.  Yup, I had every intention of going to The Chicago Marathon, but of everything to forget I actually forgot to set my alarm.  Oh well, I suppose with the heat today it might have been for the best, but not going did allow me to finally finish our animated review of the movie "Balls of Fury" for Entertainment Ave!  Sure, the movie's been out for over a month now, and sure, not many people saw it anyway, but me and my buddy Stu Gotz put forth the effort to write and record the audio, so I figured I might as well get the damn thing finished.

But it did feel good to get that off of my plate, so until the next animated review I can get back to some new music from Bruce Springsteen, Michael Stanley, and matchbox twenty to review, get my movie previews back up-to-date, and catch some concerts.  I can also get back to some more consistent exercising (I admit I missed a couple of morning workouts this last week - I could use the animating as an excuse, but that's just lame), and even shift from all cardio to some actual strength training.

The good thing with the Chicago Cubs out of the baseball playoffs is that at least now I only have one team to cheer on, namely my hometown Cleveland Indians, and if the Chicago Bears lose to Green Bay and Brett Favre tonight, my football season is pretty much complete, and I'll have plenty of time to get ready for next year's Chicago Marathon.

I was sort of looking forward to going to the marathon this morning, to cheer on the runners.  Please tell me you didn't actually think I was planning on running in the marathon?  First off I've only been exercising for a month and that has been on my exercise bike at home and walking outside.  By my calculations, even if I could make the 26.2 miles, at my walking speed it would take me around nine hours to finish the thing.  Second, I don't know if my "bowler's knee" could even survive that pounding.  And lastly, I would probably die.  But if the Chicago Cubs had won yesterday it would have been fun to cheer on some of the runners near Wrigley Field and then catch today's Cubs game in Wrigleyville, with my plan for the Cubs loss to be to head to Chinatown where it is supposedly party central to cheer the runners on, and then get a great Chinese lunch.  Oh well, at least I got "Balls of Fury" done!

After last night and this morning, I guess the appropriate phrase for both The Chicago Marathon and The Chicago Cubs is "Wait until next year!"

And that's it for this one!  I'm The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!

Posted by Rightdude at October 7, 2007 6:18 PM


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