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Leaving Las Vegas
Movie Stats & Links

Starring: Nicholas Cage, Elizabeth Shue
MPAA Rated: R
Date Movie: Sure
Gratuitous Sex: Some
Gratuitous Violence: Not really
Action: Not really.
Laughs: It's a movie about an alcoholic and a prostitute - I don't think so.

Leaving Las Vegas
A Video/DVD Review


Rated - R

It's 1:51 Long

A Review by
Stu Gotz
I've never been one to follow the advice of others, especially when it comes to advice from my friend Benny. When Benny tells me to do something I do the opposite. I'm no superior mental snob, but Benny has no brains or class. I mean this guy has a hard time following the story line of a comic book I actually once had a conversation that ended with Benny saying "OK... Let me get this strait, Sam likes green eggs and ham?" So, when Benny made the comment that "Leaving Las Vegas" sucked, I ran out to rent it.

I'm glad I didn't follow Benny's advice because "Leaving Las Vegas" was a pretty good movie. But, be warned... if you're like my friend Benny (that is to say everything must be spelled out to you and you like "Die Hard" type action with a happy endings) don't rent this movie. It's much too intellectual for you. Go grab "Happy Gilmore" instead, which I do highly recommend). But, if you've got half a brain and can draw your own conclusions, this may be for you. Or. better yet... You're trying to score with some perky, liberal, University of Chicago, bleeding heart, save the world college coed, bring her to you room and pop in this movie and impress the shit out of her by making the following comments:

"I really enjoyed the movie. it made me think."

"I was taken back a bit at first with the editing of the film using flashbacks, but in retrospect it helped put the movie in perspective."

"Bravo to the cinematographer for going light on the make up. I'm so tired of movie stars looking perfect. These characters seemed dingy and real."

I enjoyed Sting doing the sound track for this movie. He had a Tony Bennett like quality."

"I thought the end was a bit of a cliche' when Ben looked at Sera, let out a breath, his hand fell, and in the next scene she's sobbing on the edge of the bed. They could have left out the last look and breath."

"How about that ending? So sad, but it had to be that way. If Hollywood would have put in a happy ending it would have ruined the movie, just like the movie Sea of Love with Pacino and Barken was ruined by a happy ending." (Major score points for this comment)

If you haven't figured it out by now, Leaving Las Vegas is not an up-beat movie. It a story about a guy, Ben, whose life is in ruin. His wife took off with the kid, he lost his job, and is becoming an alcoholic. The poor slob just gives up in life and decides to sell everything and go to Las Vegas to drink himself to death. There, he meets a prostitute whose life is in turmoil also. Ben buys Sera one night, but not to have sex, just to talk. Both of them need this because they are desperately alone in life. Sera is overwhelmed with "lost puppy dog syndrome" and takes Ben in. This arrangement works because they respect each other for who they are. Sera's a prostitute and Ben's a drunk. They eventually fall in love. Some may think it is a cruel fate for Sera, to fall in love with a drunk who has a death wish, but it is this circumstance that gives them both what they need. Ben need's to feel loved before he dies and Sera needs to be loved before she can live.

I recommend Leaving Las Vegas for mature adults who like to use their heads. I give this movie 4.5 stars out of 5.


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