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In The Alley...  Cheap Advice
Stu Gotz & Trash


Help! I need advice from Stu & Trash!

Dear Stu and Trash,
I admit it. There is no hope for me. I'm addicted. To what, I hear you ask. To Drugs, alcohol, even chocolate. No, it's much, much worse. I'm addicted to CHAT LINES AND BON JOVI!!!!!!!! Yes I admit it, I'm sad. But it would be sadder to ignore them, or to slight, them as you have been doing! I WANT MORE PHOTOS! I WANT A CHAT LINE! I WANT MY RIGHTS! Is there any hope left for me?!?!? Help me, please. I'm desperate. I'm addicted. I'm sad. I'm addicted to BON JOVI! Is there any hope left? Can someone help me? The only solution I can think of is to find every photo alive.
Jovi Addict

Stu Says...

Trash Says...

I can think of a lot less worse things to be addicted to, like crack cocaine, cigarettes, and the American Democratic Party. I'm sure in a couple of years some bleeding heart social scientist from Northwestern will come out with a study showing how the addictive affects of chatting on-line is leading to the down fall of society. Then he'll get some big government grant, put a bunch of kids in a room to shock them every time they look at a computer, write a paper on it, and get a cabinet position, like the U.S.'s new ges/redline.gif" width="595" height="10">


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