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In The Alley...  Cheap Advice
Stu Gotz & Trash


Help! I need advice from Stu & Trash!

Dear Stu and Trash,
I wanna get my tongue pierced and was wondering how dangerous it is and all the negative things about it.
Barbell, male, age 16

Stu Says...

Trash Says...

I hear that tongue piercing enhances fellatio, so if you're planning on sucking a weiner, I say you go for it. You may want to check into local laws regarding age and piercing. I like body piercing myself and in fact have three holes in my body myself and am planning more. I will say however, when I got my first I was 19 years old and living on my own. You being only 16 may run into a little trouble with not only local laws but also your parents. Try talking to them and feeling them out first. Just don't go do it and come home only to have your parents freak out and make your life miserable for weeks. Granted it may be your body, but you're living under their roof and with that often comes some double standards and rules. Good luck! E-Mail me and let me know what happens.
Ummm, the negative things… let me think. Oh yea, it's like totally gross and unattractive. If you are thinking of doing it to get down some teenage girls pants, think twice. By the time she enters reality it will completely turn her off. I don't know much about the health effects. I know it can increase your chances of getting AIDS if some idiot stabs your tongue with a dirty needle. If that's not a negative I don't know what is.

Aren't there enough people piercing things on their bodies these days? I don't think it shows any form of individuality. Like all things it's a fad that will die in time, then you'll be stuck with a hole in your tongue.

Good Luck,

Help! I need advice from Stu & Trash!

Editor's Disclaimer: Cheap Advice from Stu Gotz & Trash is part serious, part entertainment. Their answers are blunt, sometimes biased, sometimes sexist, and sometimes they even try to be funny. Neither Stu nor Trash have any education in psychology, psychiatry, or really in advising people at all, but they do have an opinion and their advice is meant to be taken for what it is - free advice.


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