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Right. Why bother when there are so many Mrs. Wrongs out there. My advice to you is check out your local nudie bars. There you can have a relationship one dollar at a time a and steamy romance for about twenty bucks. The advantage to this type of relationship is you get variety, don't have to worry about a divorce, and you'll probably save money in the long run. Women are high maintenance!

If you're truly serious about settling down, then I extend to you my condolences and offer you this advice: Stay a way from the bars. These chicks just want free drinks and if you do get some you better go see a doctor. The ads in the papers are usually second hand losers with extra baggage and the phone bill will kill you. Go back to school. There are tons of women in college both young and old. Take one of those expansion courses like photography, gourmet cooking, or golf. Yes, golf. A lot of good career minded women like to play golf.

Actually, the best place to meet nice women is at church. Believe it or not I, Stu Gotz, am a God fearing man and go to church regularly. Sure, I still have some vices. I enjoy an occasional cigar, I like to have a beer with friends, and if liking to look at nude women is a sin, than feel free to crucify me - just make sure you nail my hand to my pecker. Most churches sponsor a singles group, and if you find one that is lame just check out another church. Just be warned. Don't go after church girls if deep down you're not right with God. If that's the case head back to the bars because it's one thing to deal with the wrath of a women and another to deal with the wrath of God.


Are you sure you are a male? I didn't realize you had a biological clock to worry about! So, what age does menopause kick in for guys? 26 1/2?

Look, I'm a nice girl (depending on your definition of nice) and I don't think I could handle meeting you. Unfortunately, (ask any of the guys at Entertainment Ave!) girls don't want a nice guy. We seem to attract jerks. It is true.

If you are a self-centered, GQ looking guy, you got it made. We also seem to go after the guys that drool over lap-dancers. So it looks like you are just shit out of luck. See, this whole "feel sorry for yourself" attitude won't work. If you are incapable of becoming a jerk (which then, you deserve a gold medal), then look for a chick at church or at the library. I'm sure they are having as good of luck as you.

See Ya...

Help! I need advice from Stu & Trash!

Editor's Disclaimer: Cheap Advice from Stu Gotz & Trash is part serious, part entertainment. Their answ1,'style.visibility','visible')">



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