What’s New? The Chicago Air & Water Show, “Tropic Thunder,” Mark Your Calendars, and The Olympics!

The Dude on the Right flies solo for this podcast
, though talking about
flying is exciting him about seeing the "Chicago Air and Water Show" this
weekend with his BFF.  Hopefully that will go well, and Monday’s podcast
will be all about fun at North Avenue Beach in Chicago.

The Dude also does a large rant on The Olympics with Michael Phelps and Mark
Spitz, the Chinese deceiving us, and his loving Fencing and not Women’s Beach
Volleyball.  He is also strangely fascinated with the Norwegian
weightlifter who blew out his arm during his competition.

"Tropic Thunder" talk also is in the podcast, though The Dude is worried that if
you don’t see the movie, well, you must be a reta$#, though, never mind,

he doesn’t want to get boycotted.

Maybe you better just listen to this podcast to find out when "Harry Potter and
The Half-Blood Prince" will be in theaters in 2009.