What’s New? A Podcast of: “Stu & The Dude’s Weekend Wrap-Up! RIP Chef, Calliope Music, and Stu Doesn’t See “The Scorpions” but Does Eat Tamales!” also A Movie Review of “Pineapple Express.”

long weekend leads to building blocks of newness, so for this Monday The Dude on
the Right posts his weekend review of

"Pineapple Express,"
noting that as much as he liked the stoner aspect of
the flick, once it turned into a gunfight, well, the movie turned just a little
too over the top for him.  The funniness was in the stoners, and all of a
sudden they had guns?  The Dude on the Right is so critical, sometimes. 
But newness isn’t only about a movie review, since postings happen on a Monday
it’s also time for a

Stu & The Dude "Weekend Wrap-Up!" podcast
, and they’ve got a lot to talk
about. The boys have a different tribute to Isaac Hayes, The Dude one the Right,
again, reviews that "Pineapple" movie, Stu wishes his tamale wasn’t so spicy,
and The Dude will probably be struck down by lightning soon for his comments of
attending mass at Holy Name Cathedral (while it is under construction).

who knew Stu Gotz actually wanted to see The Scorpions?  The Podcast lets
The Dude on the Right know that he doesn’t know Stu as well as he thought he

Oh well.

Have fun reading and listening!