What’s New? A Podcast of: Stu & The Dude’s Weekend Wrap-Up! Black Friday, A Walnut Room, Painting, Gambling, Movies, and More!

led to the lack of a Thursday podcast last week, but The Dude on the Right & Stu
Gotz do their best to make up for it during this episode of

their "Weekend Wrap-Up!" podcast
.  The thing is, with an extended
weekend, they talk about a lot of the same things, like movies ("Bolt," "Tropic
Thunder," "Iron Man," "Delta Farce," and "Australia"), music (Britney Spears has
a new CD, "Circus," coming out), TV ("The Big Band Theory" and "How I Met Your
Mother"), and The Chicago Bears losing, but the holidays brought some new stuff
like a visit to the Museum of Science and Industry for the Gotz’s, a new holiday
tradition that should probably stop in its tracks (it’s a visit to The Walnut
Room at Macy’s, which used to be Marshall Fields), The Dude having dinner and
lunch with a variety of friends, and both Stu and The Dude disgusted at people
who helped lead to the death of a dude at Wal Mart on Black Friday.

They both cover a lot of ground, but the podcast is under 20 minutes, so what
the hell, go ahead and

give the podcast a listen