What’s New? A Podcast of: Bears, Emmy’s, T.V., TiVo, and No “Buddy Christ” Explanation.

Dude on the Right is lonely, and
flying solo for this podcast, and doesn’t even
explain to the audio world why "The Buddy Christ" is back where he belongs, at
least in the world of The Dude on the Right.  He does, though, talk about
his football team, the Chicago Bears, still sucking, how the Emmy Awards sucked,
but the only thing infiltrating the mind of The Dude right now, other than
wondering how his BFF will accept him into the fall season, is how he will be
able to TiVo all of his favorite T.V. shows, especially since he now owns an
HDTV.  On a Monday when The Dude could have probably used someone to talk
to, namely Stu Gotz, especially to tell him about the secret to maybe relieving
his congested nose during allergy season, well, The Dude is relegated to viewing
television, on a crystal clear, high-def TV screen, yet wondering how to record "Survivor:
Gabon" in high-def.

The Dude really needs to win the